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Policy on rehiring retirees approved by Trustees

by Karen A. Grava - April 27, 2009


The Board of Trustees last week approved a policy regarding rehired retirees.

The policy permits rehiring retirees “on a limited basis when the operational requirements and financial benefits outweigh the use of regular, continuing employment categories.”

Appointments will be reviewed every two years for operational necessity and cost effectiveness.

The policy allows the University to rehire retirees to meet a variety of needs at a cost savings to the University and the state, said President Michael J. Hogan.

Rehired retirees are limited to working 120 calendar days a year or teaching a load equivalent to 12 credits per year, according to the policy.

Re-employed retirees are appropriate for temporary use, the document notes, to:

  • provide qualified staff on a temporary or project basis when part or full time positions are not operationally sufficient or financially beneficial;
  • mitigate against a threat to the safety of patients or the public;
  • prevent the loss of potential revenues generated on newly acquired grants or contracts;
  • meet immediate and essential staffing needs required by accrediting agencies;
  • secure the expertise of uniquely qualified researchers or staff in support of extramural funding or established grant projects when the individual’s compensation is fully supported by external resources;
  • mitigate against the loss of unique, specialized knowledge and skills where appropriately qualified replacement staff cannot be recruited; and
  • cover contractually or legally mandated leaves of absence.

The policy notes that re-employed retirees may not be funded from the General Fund and should be paid a market rate for their services.

“Gov. Rell asked the Board of Trustees to establish and approve a policy that would provide central oversight and approval of the use of retirees, limit the number of years during which a retiree may be re-employed, and limit the number of days a retiree may work in a calendar year,” said Hogan.

“Rehired retirees are experienced and uniquely qualified individuals with proven abilities who help us meet immediate, temporary, and seasonal staffing needs. Our needs to retain particular expertise in the classroom or to tap into the knowledge and expertise of former employees who are able to bring external funding to UConn are also met by reemployed retirees.”

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