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Research Foundation announces spring 2008 'Faculty Large Grants'

- May 5, 2008

The Research Foundation’s spring 2008 Faculty Large Grants were announced recently.

The goal of these awards is to help faculty move into a better position to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

For the Faculty Large Grant competition, the Research Advisory Council received 61 proposals totaling more than $1.2 million and made 34 awards totaling more than $575,000.

The proposals were peer reviewed by members of a standing review panel.

Award recipients are:

Daniel Adler, Anthropology, UConn's Archaeological Field School in Armenian Prehistory: The Razdan Gorge Palaeolithic Project, Armenia, $23,523

Maya Beasley, Sociology, Investigating the Role of Counterterrorism and Repression on Terrorist and Non-Violent Activities in the Middle East, $3,010

David Benson, Molecular & Cell Biology, Comparative Shotgun Proteomics of Free-Living Versus Plant Symbiotic Nitrogen-fixing Bacteria, $24,000

Edna Brown, Human Development and Family Studies, The Divorce Experience in the Context of Race and Gender, $3,010

Richard Christenson, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Distributed Real-Time Hybrid Simulation, $23,500

Christophe Dupraz, Marine Sciences, Biosphere-Lithosphere Interface: the Role of EPS in the Precipitation of Carbonate Minerals in Biofilms, $21,289

Pamela Erickson, Anthropology, Social Context of Sexual Behavior among Emergent Adults: A Pilot Study of Caucasians, $26,000

Till Daniel Frank, Psychology, Delay Oscillators of Behavioral Dynamics and Dynamical Diseases, $21,593

Paulo Goes, Operations & Information Management, A Study of Late Bidding Behavior in Online Auctions, $10,100

David Goldhamer, Molecular & Cell Biology, The Cellular Basis of Heterotopic Ossification, $16,300

Amy Ruth Howell, Chemistry, Investigation of a Plantinum-Catalyzed Expansion of Oxaspirohexanes to Tetrahydrofurane, $20,143

Randall Hoyt, Art & Art History, The Origins and Influence of Graphic Design Pedagogy in the United States during the Mid-to Late 20th Century, $10,000

John Ivan, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Investigation of Vehicle Interaction Severity as a Surrogate for Highway Crash Severity, $2,500

Blair Johnson, Psychology, Meta-analysis of Psychosocial Interventions to Increase Physical Activity in Cancer Survivors, $22,269

Cynthia S. Jones, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Variation in Structural and Functional Traits Across Diverse Plant Growth Forms, $15,225

Shiva Kotha, Mechanical Engineering, Non-invasive Stimulation of Bone Resorption, $23,500

Kathryn Libal, Human Development and Family Studies, Analyzing Non-Governmental Politics, U.S. Refugee Policy, and Iraqi Refugees, $12,460

Earl Macdonald, Music, The Composition and Recording of Original Works for Jazz Orchestra, $20,000

Mary McGrane, Nutritional Sciences, Protective Effects of a Functional Food Compound: Maintaining Osteoblast Lineage Development and Bone Health, $23,831

Tyson Miller, Chemistry, Assessment of Stereochemistry Through a Formal Interview, $24,688

Robert F Miller, Music, The Wooden Sword: An Opera Workshop, $8,064

Akiko Nishiyama, Physiology & Neurobiology, In Vivo Fate Analysis of NG2 Glia Using New Transgenic Mouse Lines, $22,294

Spencer Nyholm, Molecular & Cell Biology, Regulation of Mucus Secretions in a Squid/Vibrio Symbiosis, $21,000

Crystal Park, Psychology, Health Behavior Change in Breast Cancer Survivors: Project to Collect Pilot Data, $17,698

Heather Read, Psychology, Functional Organization of Developmentally Altered Cortex, $24,000

Mark Rudnicki, Natural Resources Management & Engineering, Interaction Between Large Coherent Eddies and Tree Sway Motion: Full-Scale Measurement, $12,704

Eric Schultz, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Copulation Kinematics in Poecilia, a Genus of Livebearing Fish, $13,304

Erling Smith, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Research on Progressive Collapse and Transportation Security, $3,500

Joan Smyth, Pathobiology & Veterinary Sciences, Pathogenesis of Necrotic Enteritis: Investigation of Clostridium perfringens Adhesion to Epithelium and Extracellular Matrix Proteins, $16,500

Wei Sun, Mechanical Engineering, Biomechanical Modeling of Percutaneous Transvenous Mitral Annuloplasty, $29,805

Mohammad Tehranipoor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Silicon Design Authentication and Malicious Alteration Detection in Integrated Circuits Using Delay Analysis, $23,371

Nathaniel Trumbull, Geography, Urban Waterfront Renewal, Participatory Planning, and Lessons to be Learned in New London and New Bedford: A Comparative Analysis, $6,126

Charles Venator, Political Science, Constitutional Exceptions: From Territories to Congressional Apportionment, A Historical Appraisal, $9,250

Randall Walikonis, Physiology & Neurobiology, Regulation of Excitatory Synapses of c-Met, $21,689

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