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- February 11, 2008

The following lists of patents received and licenses and options granted were supplied to the Advance by the Center for Science and Technology Commercialization.


U.S. Patents Granted to the University in 2007
Inventor(s) Title Patent # Date issued
Makriyannis, A., Khanolkar, A., Goutopoulos, A. Cannabimimetic Lipid Amides as Useful Medications 7,161,016 1/9/2007
Makriyannis, A., Deng, H. Receptor Selective Cannabimimetic Aminoalkylindoles 7,173,027 2/6/2007
Mather, P., Liu, C., Chun, S., Coughlin, B. Crosslinked Polycyclooctene 7,173,096 2/6/2007
King, G., Wang, X.-H. Insecticidal Compounds and Methods for Selection Thereof 7,173,106 2/6/2007
Taylor, G., Duncan, S. Semiconductor Devices Employing at Least One Modulation Doped Quantum Well Structure and One or More Etch Stop Layers for Accurate Contact Formation 7,173,293 2/6/2007
Taylor, G. Apparatus and a Method of Fabricating Inversion Channel Devices with Precision Gate Doping for a Monolithic Integrated Circuit 7,176,046 2/13/2007
Srivastava, P., Binder, R. Alpha 2 Macroglobulin Receptor as a Heat Shock Protein Receptor and Uses Thereof 7,179,462 2/20/2007
Makriyannis, A., Lu, D., Lai, X.-Z. Keto Cannabinoids with Therapeutic Indications 7,183,313 2/20/2007
Goldberg, J., Burstone, C. Advanced Thermoplastics for Orthodontics 7,186,115 3/6/2007
Srivastava, P., Binder, R. Alpha 2 Macroglobulin Receptor as a Heat Shock Protein Receptor and Uses Thereof 7,186,515 3/6/2007
Mather, P., Liu, C., Campo, C. Blends of Amorphous and Semicrystalline Polymers Having Shape Memory Properties 7,208,550 4/24/2007
Javidi, B. Method and Apparatus for Encryption Using Partial Information 7,212,630 5/1/2007
Javidi, B., Tajahuerce, E. Information Security Using Digital Holography 7,221,760 5/22/2007
Makriyannis, A., Deng, H. Cannabimimetic Indole Derivatives 7,241,799 7/10/2007
Erkey, C., Hara, H. Process for Making Aerogel-Electrolyte-Metal Composites 7,247,259 7/24/2007
Besman, M., Bjornson, E., Jameel, F., Kashi, R., Pikal, M., Tchessalov, S., Carpenter, J. Albumin-Free Factor VIII Formulations 7,247,707 7/24/2007
Taylor, G. Imaging Array Utilizing Thyristor-Based Pixel Elements 7,247,892 7/24/2007
Chen, T., Chen, M. Anti-Tumor Activity of EA-4 Peptide of Pro-IGF-1 7,250,169 7/31/2007
Pattipatti, K., Luo, J., Qiao, L., Chigusa, S. Intelligent Model-Based Diagnostics for System Monitoring, Diagnosis and Maintenance 7,260,501 8/21/2007
Taylor, G. THz Detection Employing Modulation Doped Quantum Well Device Structures 7,262,429 8/28/2007
Brand, M. Panicum Plant Named “RR1”
Makriyannis, A., Liu, Q., Goutopoulos, A. Retro-Anandamides, High Affinity and Stability Cannabinoid Receptor Ligands 7,267,613 10/2/2007
King, G., Sollod, B. Insecticidal Compounds and Methods for Selection Thereof 7,279,547 10/9/2007
Campagnola, P., Howell, A., Wang, J., Goodman, S. Photoactivators, Methods of Use, and the Articles Derived Therefrom 7,285,363 10/23/2007
Makriyannis, A., Nikas, S., Khanolkar, A. Bicyclic and Tricyclic Cannabinoids 7,285,683 10/23/2007
Hansen, M., Deshpande, A. Mammalian Early Developmental Regulator Gene 7,309,783 12/18/2007
Licenses and Options Granted by the University in 2007
Inventor Technology Company
Smith, T. Monoclonal Antibody Clone BR2 Directed Against CD13 Santa Cruz
Marcus, P., Sekellick, M. Chicken Interferon SPAFAS
Mather, P. Shape Memory Polymers for Toys R&D Corp.
Shaw, L. Nano-Cermet Powders Inovati
Sarfarazi, M. Diagnosis of Primary Congenital Glaucoma ARUP(Associated Regional and University Pathologists Inc.)
Sarfarazi, M. Genetic Testing for Primary Congenital Glaucoma ARUP
Mazzocca, A. Coated Sutures Arthrex Inc.
Fisher, J. AIDS Education in South Africa The Poptech Institute
Javidi, B. 3D Object Recognition Intellectual Ventures Fund LLC
Mather, P., Burstone, C. Shape Memory Polymers for Orthodontics New Ortho Polymers Inc. (a UConn start up), via R&D Corp.
Ford, J. Treatment Methods for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Advanced Trauma Solutions Inc. (a UConn start up), via R&D Corp.
Fisher, J. Portions of AIDS Education Video Sociometrics Corp.
Hla, T. New Use for a Novartis Compound Novartis Pharma AG
Birge, R. Bacteriorhodopsin Variants Nanofotonics Inc.
DiBenedetto, A. Fibroin Gel Eurocoating SpA
Jain, F., Papadimitrakopoulos, F. Amperometry Optoelectronics Systems Consulting Inc.


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