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- January 22, 2008

Previous grant listings can be found on the Grants archive page.

Research Foundation large grants, fall 2007

The Research Foundation’s fall 2007 Faculty Large Grant awards were announced recently. The goal of these awards is to help faculty move into a better position to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

For the Faculty Large Grant competition, the Research Advisory Council received 65 proposals totaling more than $1.2 million, and made 38 awards totaling more than $544,000. The proposals were peer reviewed by members of a standing review panel.

Award recipients are:

Kari Adamsons, Human Development/Family Studies, Early Parenting Expectations and their Influence on Parental Identities and Behavior, $20,182

Carol Atkinson-Palombo, Geography, Investigation of Spatial Variation of the Impact of Light-Rail Transit on Land Values in Rapidly-Growing U.S. Cities, $7,525

Amanda Bailey, English, Junior Faculty Research Funds for Book Manuscript in Progress: “Of Bondage: Human Capital and the Early Modern Theater,” $4,985

Mary Bernstein, Sociology, Sabbatical Project: Social Citizenship in Australia, A Qualitative Analysis of Lesbians and Gay Men and Relationship-Recognition Policies, $18,041

Robert Bird, Marketing, The Impact of Consumer Surveys on Trademark Infringement Litigation, $4,652

Zeljko Boskovic, Linguistics, Sabbatical: Crosslinguistic Investigation of the Structure, Extractability, and Agreement Properties of Noun Phrases, $5,000

James Boster, Anthropology, Cross-Language Comparison of Emotion Lexicons, $15,000

Raymond Brown, Molecular & Cell Biology, Mutations of the Erythroid factor GATA 1 in Human Disease, $8,950

Ann Bucklin, Marine Sciences, Ecological Genomics of a Marine Planktonic Copepod, $24,000

Douglas Casa, Kinesiology, Intravenous versus Oral Rehydration: Medical and Performance Considerations, $14,900

Hedley Freake, Nutritional Sciences, The Role of the Zinc Transporter, LIV-1, in the Endocrine Responsiveness of Breast Cancer Cells, $21,350

Puxian Gao, Chemical, Materials, & Biomolecular Engineering, Large Scale Sequential Synthesis of Semiconductor Heterojunction Nanowire Array, $23,884

Jean Givens, Art & Art History, Sabbatical Project: Making Modern Sweden and “Swedish Modern” Design, $2,905

Ali Gokirmak, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Crystallization of Nanocrystalline Silicon Nanowires through Pulsed Current Self Heating, $21,527

David Grant, Pharmaceutical Science, Role of Soluble Epoxide Hydrolas in a Mouse Model of Atherosclerosis, $22,000

Shareen Hertel, Political Science, Human Rights and Public Opinion: From Attitudes to Action, $22,811

Jeong-Ho Kim, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Fracture Behavior of a Functionally Graded Proton Exchange Membrane: Modeling and Experiments, $23,884

Nicholas Leadbeater, Chemistry, In-Situ Monitoring as a Tool and a Probe in Microwave-Promoted Synthesis, $23,489

Dmitriy Leykekhman, Mathematics, Junior Faculty Fellowship, $2,985

Baikun Li, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Integrated Study of the Interactions between Bacteria and Electrodes in Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) to Improve Power Generation, $23,884

Joseph Madaus, Post Education & Disability, Learning Disability Documentation Review: A Process to Assist Decision Making at the Postsecondary Level in an Era of Change, $17,593

Richard Mancini, Animal Science, Assessing Lactate-Myoglobin Adduction using Mass Spectrometry, $7,815

Matthew McKenzie, History, Working Waterfronts and the Tension of Tourism: Southern New England Ports and Vacation Resorts, 1850-1900, $4,357

Thomas Meyer, Natural Resources Management & Engineering, Spatial Modeling to Support the Characterization of Environmental Hazards and Exposure from Herbicide-Resistant Bent Grasses, $19,664

Robert Miller, Music, The Wooden Sword: An Opera Workshop, $912

Thomas Morris, Plant Science, Improved Methods to Stack Manure and Compost Offal, $12,205

Michael O’Neill, Molecular & Cell Biology, Locus-Specific Imprinting on the Mammalian X Chromosome, $8,000

Spiro Pavlopoulos, Pharmaceutical Science, Expression of NMR Analysis of the Arrestin-2 N- and C- Domains, $22,078

Karen Ryker, Dramatic Arts, Sabbatical Activity – Directing Mozart’s Opera “The Magic Flute” and Actor Training for Opera Singers at the Dublin Institute of Technology in Dublin, Ireland, $2,369

Lisa Sanetti, Educational Psychology, Accuracy of Teacher Self-Report as a Treatment Integrity Assessment for Behavioral Interventions: A Comparison of Daily Self-Recording and Weekly Self-Reporting, $15,069

Kristin Schwab, Plant Science, Case Study Research on Built Works of Landscape Architecture and their Community Contexts, for Sustainable Design Guidebook Entitled “In-Site/OUT: Sustainable Sites, Sustainable Communities,” $8,792

Nancy Sheehan, Human Development/Family Studies, Community-Based Long-Term Care: How Residential Setting and Living Arrangement Influence Elderly Puerto Ricans’ Knowledge and Use of Long-Term Care Services, $15,910

Helena Silva, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Side Gated Ultra Narrow Channel Silicon MOSFETs, $23,884

Stephen Trumbo, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Basic and Applied Research on a Host Shift Among Burying Beetles, $5,480

Robert Weiss, Chemical, Materials, & Biomolecular Engineering, Poly(lactic acid) Ionomers, $23,385

Yufeng Wu, Computer Science & Engineering, Algorithms and Applications of Inferring the Mosaic Patterns in Populations, $15,000

Jun Yan, Statistics, Partly Functional Temporal Process Regression with Semiparametric Profile Estimating Functions: Theory and Application, $15,105

Susanne Yelin, Physics, Negative Index Materials Based on Atomic Coherence, $15,24


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