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Sirens to be tested Nov. 20

by Karen A. Grava - November 13, 2007

The Alert Notification System sirens installed on the Storrs and Depot campuses will be tested on Tuesday, Nov. 20 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

During that time, the sirens will be sounded multiple times so that the speakers on all 10 poles can be adjusted properly.

As part of the installation, University Police will test the sirens on each pole individually, followed by a complete sounding of all the sirens. Other system features to be tested include chimes, a pre-recorded message, and use of the siren speakers as a public address system.

The test is scheduled to take place during the Thanksgiving recess to minimize disruption to classes, although further tests may be held at a later date.

“It is important that we test all the features of the system,” says Barry Feldman, vice president and chief operating officer.

“The system is designed to be used in emergencies and will be one of the ways we will alert people.”

In addition to the sirens, in an actual emergency the University may also use text messaging, e-mail, voice mail, a banner notice on University web pages, and the emergency blue phone system to notify people during a crisis.

If an emergency occurs, information will be available at the University’s new web site, alert.uconn.edu.

If sirens are sounded for an actual emergency, students, faculty, and staff are asked not to exit their buildings to listen to the message, but rather to take shelter in place and refer to the web site alert.uconn.edu or the emergency phone line (860-486-3768) for further information.

Feldman says the sirens will be tested regularly.

However, the routine Saturday tests will not have an audible siren, although there may be a popping sound heard as the speakers demagnetize after the test.

Sirens to be installed at West Hartford and the School of Law will be tested at a later date.

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