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Steps taken to enhance pedestrian safety at Storrs

by Sherry Fisher - September 17, 2007

As part of the effort to foster safety and enhance the pedestrian environment, the University has placed fluorescent signs at crosswalks and has upgraded lighting on North Eagleville Road.

Higher intensity fixtures have replaced some of the black cast-iron poles along the sidewalks, according to Jim Bradley, associate vice president for architectural and engineering services.

The lighting additions and upgrades are the combined effort of the University and Connecticut Light & Power, the company that owns the street lights on the road.

The University undertook a re-assessment of campus safety for pedestrians and motorists shortly after Carlee Wines, a UConn freshman from New Jersey, was struck and killed while crossing the road in the early hours of Jan. 20.

The University has been working with EarthTech, an engineering consulting firm, to assistn in identifying needed improvements and determining how we make them.

In addition, a sidewalk was recently constructed from the buildings at College Square (just past the Police Department) to Hunting Lodge Road. North Eagleville is a state-owned road.

During the spring, the University commissioned EarthTech to examine the remaining 58 crosswalks on campus to determine whether they need improvements.

The study has been completed and has been submitted to the Buildings and Grounds Committee.

It will soon be presented to the Parking Committee, the Capital Projects Planning Advisory Committee, and the Department of Residential Life for comment.

The report’s findings include:

Crosswalk signs require updating (the current signs are intended for elementary and high schools, not pedestrian crossings); crosswalk signs are generally mounted too low on the posts; several of the crossings are missing handicap ramps; there is no sidewalk on a section of Route 195 and on Alumni Drive; and traffic speed is a concern on Route 195 and on Gilbert Road.

Bradley says the engineers have been asked to prioritize the improvements and provide cost estimates, so an upgrade plan can be developed.

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