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Research Foundation announces fall 2006 'Faculty Large Grants'

- January 22, 2007

The Research Foundation's fall 2006 "Large Faculty Grant" awards were announced recently.

The goal of these awards is to help faculty move into a better position to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

For the Large Faculty Grant competition, the Research Advisory Council received 54 proposals totaling $1,056,002 and made 32 awards totaling $412,460.

The proposals were peer reviewed by members of a standing review panel.

Award recipients are:

Hilary Botein , Public Policy, Tax Lien Sales and Affordable Housing: Urban Decay and Revitalization in Weak Markets, $10,961

Mary Burke , English, Irish Minority Representation Book Project , $4,400

Ming-Hui Chen , Statistics, Bayesian Structural Equations Modeling with Applications to VHA Survey Data , $15,000

Melinda Daniels , Geography, Thermal Dynamics at Tributary Confluences: Geomorphological and Hydraulic Research to Support Restoration Design and Management, $10,756

Inge-Marie Eigsti , Psychology, International Adoption:   Effects of Institutionalization on Learning Mechanisms and Early Development , $18,843

Tai-Hsi Fan, Mechanical Engineering, Self Diffusion of Isolated and Pair-Interacting Particles in Nonadsorbing Polymer Solutions , $16,024

Jean Givens, Art & Art History, Picturing the Healing Arts , $1,995

Paulo Goes , Operations & Information Management, Comparative Studies of Multi-Unit Auctions, $13,320

Johann Gogarten , Molecular & Cell Biology, A Novel Method for Investigating the Evolution of the Genetic Code, $27,000

Kenneth Gouwens, History , Paolo Givio's "Ischian" Dialogue: Consultation of Manuscripts for a Critical Edition and Translation , $1,391

Bernard Grela, Communication Sciences, Project to Study Directional and Dative Prepositions in Children with SLI (Sabbatical Leave), $7,200

Charles Hagen , Art & Art History, Photographs of Japanese Cityscapes, Emphasizing Signs and Architecture , (Sabbatical Leave), $5,050

Penn Handwerker, Anthropology, Violence, Deterrence, and Human Rights , $22,386

Scott Harding , Social Work, Analyzing Social Service Provision to Iraqi Refugees in Jordan, $9,318

Ofer Harel , Statistics, Inference for the Area Under the Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curve with Incomplete Data , $18,191

Andrea Hetling-Wernyj, Public Policy, Domestic Violence, Poverty, and Social Services: Does Location Matter? $6,595

Donna Hollenberg , English, Denise Levertov: A Poet's Revolution, a Biography of the Poet, $2,000

Rajeswari Kasi, Materials Science Institute, Hierarchical Assembly of Rod-Coil Polypeptide-Cholic Acid Diblock Copolymers Based-Biomaterials , $20,000

Yoo-Ah Kim , Computer Science & Engineering, Fast Data Migration in Heterogeneous and Dynamic Storage Systems , $16,024

Clare Costley King'oo, English, David's Fruitful Sayings:   The Penitential Psalm in Late-Medieval and Early-Modern England , $2,900

Yu Lei , Chemical Materials & Biomolecular Engineering, Biosensor and Bioaccumulation for Heavy Metals Using Genetically Engineered Caulobacter crescentus , $27,000

Yi   Li , Plant Science, Biotech Approach to Improve Poplar Plants for Bioenergy Applications , $26,519

Margo Machida, Asian American Studies, Contemporary Asian American, Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Artists of Hawai'i: Visualizing the Local, $1,778

John McCracken , Animal Science, An Investigation of Neuropeptide Y in Ovarian Function , $13,854

George McManus , Marine Sciences, Use of Species-Specific PCR to Measure the Distributions of Planktonic Ciliates in Long Island Sound , $22,905

Carlton Molette , Dramatic Arts, Research for a Play about Chatoyer, First National Hero of   St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Sabbatical Leave), $1,868

Diane Quinn, Psychology, Understanding Concealed Stigmatized Identities: Psychological Processes and Well-Being , $10,079

John Silander, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Evolution of Elephant Birds in Madagascar - What Can We Learn from Ancient DNA? $15,655

Kathleen Tonry , English, William Caxton and the Work of Books in 15th-Century England, $4,400

Bing Wang, Computer Science & Engineering, Efficient Application-Level Multipath Data Transfer via TCP, $16,024

Yong Wang , Chemical Materials & Biomolecular Engineering , Development of Multivalent RNA Nanostructures on the Surface of Dendrimer, $27,000

Benjamin Wilhite, Chemical Materials & Biomolecular Engineering, Ceramic Mini-Channel Networks for Process Intensification, $16,024

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