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Health Center’s latest Husky Heroes go the extra mile

by Jane Shaskan - December 11, 2006

Daniel Hannon, Richard Pabis, and Mukhtar Suleiman have what it takes to be a Husky Hero: dedication, energy, a positive work ethic, outstanding patient care, and an upbeat attitude.

Employees and volunteers who consistently demonstrate these qualities may be named Husky Heroes after receiving four recognition awards through a nomination process.

Hannon, who supervises the supply program for perioperative and nursing services, was described by operating room nursing director Sharyn Heingelman as efficient, willing, detail-oriented, and possessing an excellent attitude.

"Dan is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure supplies are available for procedures," she says. "He goes the extra mile so everyone can have a pleasant day, and the patient gets the best possible care."

Hannon is appreciated by patients as well.

One wrote that he would always remember Hannon's "kindness and thoughtfulness, and will be forever grateful for the time and compassion he showed."

An extra-effort person with a wonderful attitude is how Pabis was described by Izabela Rak, an administrative assistant in Oral Health and Diagnostic Sciences.

Pabis works in the Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine.

"His high energy level, mixed with his commitment to our patients, his co-workers, and his supervisor makes Rich a standout," wrote Dr. Melinda Sanders, division chief of anatomic pathology.

Husky Heroes from left, Dan Hannon, Mukhtar Suleiman, and Richard Pabis at the Health Center. The designation “Husky Hero” is awarded for outstanding work and an upbeat attitude.
Photo by Janine Gelineau

Others agreed, saying Pabis's work ethic and positive influence on the department make him a very valuable co-worker.

"He goes above-and-beyond his duties" was the common theme in letters nominating Pabis.

Kathy Wiggins, supervisor in the histology department, said "he delivers superior service at all times, everyday."

Suleiman, who works in the Department of Laboratory Medicine, was described by a patient as "the Zen Master of the blood draw."

The patient, who is also a faculty member at the Health Center, praised Suleiman's skills and wrote that he had "about the sunniest personal manner" of anyone she had ever met.

"He embodies all the characteristics one would hope for in all healthcare professionals," she wrote: "a skillful approach to the task at hand, a calm, reassuring demeanor, and a genuine concern for each and every patient."

Surgical nurse Ileana Maza commented, "He is truly an asset to his department and this institution."

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