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- October 23, 2006

The following lists of patents received and licenses and options granted were supplied to the Advance by the Center for Science and Technology Commercialization. The lists are published twice a year.

U.S. patents granted to the University, January-June 2006
Date Issued
Yang, X., Dinnyes, A. Oocyte Vitrification Technique 6,982,172 1/3/2006
Li, Z. Using Heat Shock Proteins to Improve the Therapeutic Benefit of a Non-Vaccine Treatment Modality 6,984,389 1/10/2006
Jain, F., Papadimitrakopoulos, F. Full Color Display Structures Using Pseudomorphic Cladded Quantum Dot Nanophosphor Thin Films 6,992,317 1/31/2006
Makriyannis, A., Khanolkar, A. Peripheral Cannabinoid Receptor (CB2) Selective Ligands 6,995,187 2/7/2006
Wu, G., Wu, C. Propagation of Human Hepatocytes in Non-Human Animals 6,995,299 2/7/2006
Taylor, G., Cai, J. Photonic Digital-to-Analog Converter Employing a Plurality of Heterojunction Thyristor Devices 6,995,407 2/7/2006
Erkey, C., Dong, X. Catalysis by Water-Soluble Organo-metallic Complexes in Water-in-Densified Fluid Microemulsions 7,002,044 2/21/2006
Taylor, G. Modulation Doped Thyristor and Complementary Transistors Combination for a Monolithic Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit 7,012,274 3/14/2006
Corbin, D., Sacco, A., Suib, S., Zhang, Q. Process for the Production of Nano-Sized Zeolite A 7,014,837 3/21/2006
Taylor, G., Duncan, S. Method of Fabricating Semiconductor Devices Employing at Least One ModulationDoped Quantum Well Structure and One or More Etch Stop Layers for Accurate Contact Information 7,015,120 3/21/2006
Weiss, R., Erkey, C., Shenoy, S., Cohen, D. Conductive Elastomeric Foams and Method of Manufacture Thereof 7,029,722 4/18/2006
Javidi, B., Tajahuerce, E. Multi-Dimensional Pattern Recognition by Use of Digital Holography 7,050,635 5/23/2006
Makriyannis, A., Nikas, S., Khanolkar, A. Bicyclic and Tricyclic Cannabinoids 7,057,076 6/6/2006
Taylor, G., Cai, J., Upp, D. Photonic Sigma Delta Analog-to-Digital Conversation Employing Dual Heterojunction Thyristors 7,064,697 6/20/2006
Mather, P., Kim, B., Ge, Q., Liu, C. Nonionic Telechelic Polymers Incorporating Polyhedral Oligosilsesquixane (POSS) and Uses Thereof 7,067,606 6/27/2006
Javidi, B., Perez, E. Method and System for Image Processing for Automatic Road Sign Recognition 7,068,844 6/27/2006
Licenses & options granted by the University January-June 2006
UConn Case #
Sotzing, G. Conductive Polymers Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd. 05-025
Fox, M. A Technique for Image Resolution Enhancement Synxronos LLC 05-045
Hoag, G. Oxidative Environmental Remediation FMC Corp. 98-028
DiBenedetto, A. Bioactive Fibroin Gel Eurocoating SpA 01-030
Sotzing, G. Conductive Polymers Triton Systems 05-008
King, G. Novel Insect Specific Spider   University of Connecticut R&D Corp. 99-043, 04-055,  


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