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Changes in University by-laws address faculty, student issues

by Karen A. Grava - July 24, 2006

Several changes to the University's by-laws have been approved by the Board of Trustees, including a provision that revises the language allowing appointment of Distinguished Professors.

The language change allows the trustees to continue to recognize up to five professors a year as distinguished professors, provided that the number of distinguished professors is below five percent of the number of full professors on the faculty.

The wording change allows the trustees to continue to appoint distinguished professors, even though the five percent limit is being approached.

Another by-law change, suggested and approved by the Senate Faculty Standards Committee and the University Senate, clarifies the probationary period for newly hired tenure-track faculty.

The new wording says that "new appointees to tenure track positions with prior service in a tenure track position at another university may, in consultation with their deans and department heads, be granted up to a full seven-year probationary period at the time of hire."

The trustees also approved a change in the by-law covering appeals from students regarding non-academic behavioral violations. Under the new law, students will appeal to the provost or his designee.

Prior to the change, the by-laws permitted appeals to both the vice president for student affairs and the provost.

The change in the wording brings the by-laws into agreement with the Student Code of Conduct, which was revised in 2000.

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