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Faculty encouraged to attend PTR forum April 7

by Sherry Fisher - April 3, 2006

Faculty and administrators are encouraged to attend a forum on promotion, tenure, and reappointment (PTR) on Friday, April 7, from 3 to 5 p.m., in Shippee Dining Hall.

The event is sponsored by the Faculty Standards Committee of the University Senate.

The forum will start with a session outlining PTR procedures led by Provost Peter J. Nicholls, Vice Provost Suman Singha, and Vice Provost Ronald Taylor.

Topics to be addressed include: What are the important milestones in the PTR process? How does UConn reappoint, promote, and grant tenure to faculty members? and What is the nature of the PTR review by the department, school/college, and the provost?

Breakout sessions will follow, outlining the nuances of the PTR process specific to each school or college.

There will two additional sessions: one on the appointment of international faculty to tenure-track positions, moderated by Mark Wentzel, director of international services and programs, and another on AAUP services, moderated by Carol Polifroni, vice president of AAUP’s Executive Committee and an associate professor of nursing.

The Provost says the forum is an information session to reduce people’s anxiety about PTR and to promote understanding of the details of the process.

“Very often, untenured junior faculty do not understand the process as well as they might,” says Nicholls.

“We’ll explain how it works, what sort of materials people need to submit, why it’s important to submit materials in a certain way, and what avenues are open to people for help.”

Debra Kendall, chair of the Senate Executive Committee, says the forum will be particularly valuable for junior faculty, but is open to anyone who wants to learn about the tenure and promotion process.”

Kendall is a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor in molecular and cell biology.

“People know about the process in departments, but not what happens at the deans’ level,” she adds.

“The more information each of us has about the process, the more likely we will be able to accomplish it successfully. It’s important that junior faculty focus on their scholarship and teaching. In order to do that best, we want to give them the opportunity to learn about the PTR process early on and become aware of resources available to them.”

Mark Boyer, a professor of political science and chair of the Faculty Standards Committee, says the forum should help “demystify” the process of PTR, “and provide clarity and regularity to what many junior faculty see as a complex process.”

For more information call 860-486-2236 or see http://senate.uconn.edu/ 20060407.PTRforum.htm.

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