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Research Foundation announces grant awards

- September 26, 2005

The Research Foundation’s spring 2005 “Large Faculty Grant” awards were announced recently. The goal of these awards is to help faculty move into a better position to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

For the Large Faculty Grant competition, the Research Advisory Council received 63 proposals totaling $1,324,948 and made 37 awards totaling $440,640. The proposals were peer reviewed by members of a standing review panel.

Award recipients are:

Mark Aindow , Institute of Materials Science, “High-Resolution Energy-Filtered TEM of Nano-Scale Precipitation in Engineering Alloys” (sabbatical leave), $5,500.

Enrique Alvarez , Statistics, “Studies of Labor Market Participation with Marked Point Processes,” $10,083.

Marlene Bouvier , Pharmacy Science, “Deglycosylation of Viral Proteins for Structure-Based Studies,” $12,000.

Mark Brand , Plant Science, “Determining the Genetic Contribution of Japanese Barberry (Berberis thunbergii) to Invasive Populations,” $16,163.

Antonius Cillessen , Psychology, “Year 11 Follow-up Assessment of the Manchester Longitudinal Study,” $13,200.

Jean Crespi , Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, “An Evaluation of Commonly Used Stain Techniques with Implications for Convergent Margin Tectonics and Geometric Morphometrics” (sabbatical leave), $5,700.

Laura Donorfio , Family Studies, “Psychological Stage of Informal Care-Giving: An Examination of Daughters Providing Care to Widowed Mothers,” $7,550.

Mary Fischer , Sociology, “Hispanic Geographic Expansion: Exploring Trends in Residential and School Segregation,” $9,775.

Daniel Gage , Molecular & Cell Biology, “Resource Exchange and Community Structure in the Rhizosphere: Influence of Pulsed Water Flow and Root Structure” (bridge funding), $15,000.

Bernard Goffinet , Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, “Providing a Phylogenetic and Ontogenetic Framework for Functional Genomic Studies in the Model Species Physcomitrella patens,” $14,625.

Swapna Gokhale , Computer Science & Engineering, “A Structure-Based Methodology for Reliability Analysis of Software Applications,” $30,000.

Phillip Gould , Physics, “Ultracold Polar Molecules: Detection and State Transfer” (bridge funding), $18,111.

Michie Hesselbrock , Social Work, “Psychiatric and Physical Co-Morbidity of Alcohol and Other Substance Use Disorders: Secondary Data Analyses,” $1,632.

Lawrence Hightower , Molecular & Cell Biology, “Cell Density Dependent Regulation of Heat Shock (Stress) Gene Expression,” $8,000.

Kent Holsinger , Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, “Evolutionary Radiations in Proteas of the Cape Floristic Region,” $10,000.

John Kaminski , Plant Science, “Biology of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa and Alternative Control Measures for Dollar Spot,” $14,000.

James Kremer , Marine Sciences, “Improved Models of Anthropogenic Eutrophication of Shallow Coastal Embayments” (sabbatical leave), $6,000.

Katarina Lukatela , Psychology, “Cognitive Aging: What Matters More, Age or Lifestyle?” $11,472.

Vicki Magley , Psychology, “Sexual Harassment Awareness Training Evaluation,” $13,689.

Monika McDermott , Public Policy, “Voter Information Processing and Choice,” $12,000.

Stephanie Milan , Psychology, “The Influence of Maternal Depression and Maternal Relationship History on Parent-Child Interactions in Young Mothers and Toddlers,” $15,308.

Michael Morrell , Political Science, “Democracy, Public Opinion, Political Attitudes and the New England Town Meeting in Connecticut,” $14,962.

Mark Overmyer-Velaquez , Molecular & Cell Biology, “Migration, Nation, and Empire: A History of Mexican Migration in the Twentieth Century,” $8,118.

Melina Pappademos , History, “Alchemists of a Race: Black Civic Activism and Political Thought in the Cuban Republic, 1899-1959,” $2,738.

Guillermo Risatti , Pathobiology, “Mapping Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Genetic Determinants of Macrophage Host Range and Immune Modulation,” $2,738.

Nancy Rodriguez , Nutritional Sciences, “Exploring the Relation between Intracellular Signaling and Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesis Following an Endurance Exercise Bout,” $5,000.

Mark Rudnicki , Natural Resources Management & Engineering, “Capturing the Three-Dimensional Motion of Tree Branch Sway,” $2,738.

Zhijie Shi , Computer Science & Engineering, “Applications of Bit Permutation Operations in Fast Cipher Designs,” $30,000.

Nancy Shoemaker , History, “American Indians in the New England Whaling Industry” (sabbatical leave), $10,191.

Glenn Stanley , Music, “Beethoven’s Fidelio: Die Rezeption im Schrifttum und in der Inszenierung,” $3,375.

Jeffrey Townsend , Molecular & Cell Biology, “Systems Biology of Viral-Cell Interactions,” $15,120.

Eduardo Urios-Aparisi , Modern & Classical Languages, “Multimodality and Figurative Language in Advertising,” $4,770.

Olga Vinogradova , Pharmaceutical Sciences, “Pilot Project for NMR Structural Investigation of Axon Specific Cell Adhesion Molecule L1 Regulation and Signaling,” $25,000.

Jason Vokoun , Natural Resources Management & Engineering, “Improved Modeling Methods for Habitat Selection in Fishes using Bioenergetics Endpoints,” $19,128.

Susanne von Bodman , Plant Science, “The Role of Quorum Sensing Regulation, RcsAB-Mediated Activation, and RfaH-Specific Antitermination in the Differential Expression of the CPS Gene Cluster of Pantoea stewartii subsp. stewartii,” $16,000.

Katharina von Hammerstein , Modern & Classical Languages, “Self-Writings as Public Voices: Germany/Austria, 1840s-1918,” $5,453.

Xudong Yao , Chemistry, “Investigation of Key Elements for a Novel Proteomic Array Platform,” $25,500.


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