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February 14, 2005

Patents & Licenses

The following lists of patents received, licenses granted, and patents applied for were supplied by the Center for Science and Technology Commercialization. The lists are published in the Advance twice a year.
Patent #
Date Issued
Mayer, B.J. Coiled-Coil Mediated Heterodimerization Functional Interaction Trap 6,790,624 9/14/2004
Shaw, L.L., Ren, R., Nanostructured Carbide Cermet Powders by High Energy Ball Milling 6,793,875 9/21/2004
Yang, Z. Jain, F.C., Papadimitrakopoulos, F. Full Color Display Structures Using Pseudomorphic Cladded Quantum Dot Nanophosphor Thin Films 6,797,412 9/28/2004
Srivastava, P.K. Purification of Heat Shock/Stress Protein Cell Surface Receptors and Their Use as Immunotherapeutic Agents 6,797,480 9/28/2004
Licenses Granted by the University from July to December 2004
UConn Case #
Sekellick, M.J., Marcus, P.I., Ferrandino, A.F. Chicken Interferon Zagreb Biotech 93-028
Erkey, C. Precious Metal Loaded Carbon Aerogel Composite 01-057, 02-029,
Goldberg, A. J., Burstone, C.J. Fiber Reinforced Composites for Orthodontia Sticktech Ltd. 86-002
Chen, T.T., Chen M.J.M. Treatment of Cancer with E-Domain Peptides E-P Therapeutics 97-044, 01-059
Javidi, B. Encryption, Pattern Recognition and Neosho Solutions 94-032, 95-016,
Published Patent Applications
Publication #
Pub. Date
Du, Y., Sammes, N.M., England, R.O. Solid State Electrochemical Devices 20040258972 12/23/2004
Gell, M., Ma, X., Jordan, E., Padture, P., Xie, L., Xiao, D., DeCarmine, A. Coatings, Materials, Articles, and Methods of Making Thereof 20040229031 11/18/2004
Goldberg, A.J., Mather, P.T., Weiss, R.A., Rojanapitayakorn, P., Karmaker, A., Prasad, A. Prefabricated Components for Dental Appliances 20040241614 12/2/2004
Ma, X., Murphy, S., Roth, J., Xiao, D., Cetegen, B.M. Apparatus and Method for Solution Plasma Spraying 20040226508 11/18/2004
Malz, R.E. Jr., Kumar, R., Garces, L.J., Suib, S.L. Process for Preparing Ortho Substituted Phenylamines 2.0044E+11 8/19/2004
Papadimitrakopoulos, F. Bulk Separation of Semiconducting and Metallic Single Wall Nanotubes 20040232073 11/25/2004
Sammes, N.M., Du, Y. Methods of Manufacture of Electrolyte Tubes for Solid Oxide Devices and the Devices Obtained Therefrom 20040247973 12/9/2004
Sotzing, G.A. Method of Crosslinking Intrinsically Conductive Polymers or Intrinsically Conductive Polymer Precursors and the Articles Obtained Therefrom 20040242792 12/2/2004
Taylor, G.W. Heterojunction Thyristor-Based Amplifier 20040262593 12/30/2004
Taylor, G.W., Cai, J., Interference Cancellation System Employing Photonic Sigma Delta Modulation and Optical True Time Delay 20040146237 7/29/2004
Upp, D., Zhu, Q. Method of Medical Imaging Using Combined Near Infrared Diffusive Light and Ultrasound 20040215072 10/28/2004

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