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December 13, 2004

Yellow Barn Plans Include Parking, Landscaping

The yellow barn on Route 195 across from the Towers residence halls will be renovated in the spring.

The familiar landmark, built just before World War I, has been through a few changes: The wings on the side of the barn were recently removed because they were structurally unstable and not historically significant.

Early next year, work will begin to stabilize and paint the main structure, and repairs will begin on the roof. There are also plans to install parking for about 40 cars in the area where the wings once stood. The lots, which will be completed by the end of January, will have a porous surface and will be surrounded by shrubs. The University’s Arboretum Committee will recommend shrubbery that will provide an attractive vista from Route 195 year-round, with the goal of blocking the view of the parking lots from the road.

Before starting renovations on the barn, University officials received the consent of the state Historical Commission, and discussed the planned changes with representatives of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the Deans’ Council, some faculty, and members of the Friends of the Yellow Barn.

The barn was used to house cattle until the Kellogg Dairy Center was completed in 1991. It will be used to house feed, farm implements, and agricultural equipment.