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December 6, 2004

Patents & Licenses

The following lists of patents received, licenses granted, and patent applications were supplied to the Advance by the Center for Science and Technology Commercialization.
U.S. Patents Granted to the University from January to June 2004
Patent #
Date Issued
Rowe, D.W., Stover, M.L., Beckley, A. Inhibition of a Target Messenger RNA with a Modified U1 Small Nuclear RNA 6,692,910 2/17/2004
Schaff, J.C., Carson, J., Loew, L. Method for Modeling Cellular Structure and Function 6,708,141 3/16/2004
Goodman, S.L., Campagnola, P. Free-Form Fabrication Using Multi-Photon Excitation 6,713,772 3/30/2004
Sekellick, M.J., Marcus, P.I., Ferrandino, A.F. Chicken Interferon Gene and Novel Recombinant DNA 6,716,607 4/6/2004
Koch, C.H. Method and Apparatus for Fingerprint Detection and Analysis 6,720,564 4/13/2004
Lynes, M.A., Knecht, D.A. System and Method for Investigating the Effect of Chemical and Other Factors on Cell Movement 6,723,523 4/20/2004
Goldschneider, I., Lai, L. Hybrid Cytokine of IL-7 and beta-Chain of Hepatocyte Growth Factor 6,749,847 6/15/2004
Licenses Granted by the University from January to June 2004
UConn Case #
Wu, D., Li, X., Liu, P., Liu, W., Zhang, Y.

Drug Target and Possible Treatment for Osteoporosis

Enzo Therapeutics, New York 03-066, 03-073
Kreutzer, D., Papadimitrakopoulos, F., Huang, S., Burgess, D., Koberstein, J., Beach, R., Moussy, F. Implantable Sensors and Coatings AMS Homecare, Delta, British Columbia, Canada 98-023, 99-044
Gaxiola, R. Improved Pasture Plants ViaLactia Auckland, New Zealand 00-040, 01-031
Jadamec, J., Bauman, R., Anderson, C., Jakubielski, S., Sutton, N., Kovacs, M. Method for Detecting Bacteria in Water Samples Rosewood Instruments Inc., Warren, N.J. 97-041
Mather, P., Liu, C., Chun, S., Ge, Q. Shape Memory Polymers for Medical Devices Boston Scientific Corp., Natick, Mass. 02-039, 03-002, 03-043
Patent Applications Published from January to June 2004
Publication #
Pub. Date
Besman, M., Kashi, R., Pikal, M., Tchessalov, S., Carpenter, J. Novel Albumin-Free Factor VIII Formulations 2.004E+10 6/17/2004
Chen, N., Zhu, Q. Rotary Mirror Array for Fast Optical Tomography 2.004E+10 2/5/2004
Chen, T., Chen, M.J.M., Compositions and Methods for Inhibiting the Proliferation and Invasiveness of Malignant Cells Comprising E-Domain Peptides of IGF-I 2.004E+10 6/17/2004

Kuo, Y.-H. Dehmubed, R., Taylor, G.W., Upp, D.C.

Optoelectronic Device Employing at Least One Semiconductor Heterojunction Thyristor 2.004E+10 4/29/2004
Erkey, C., Dong, X. Catalysis by Water-Soluble Organometallic Complexes in Water-in-Densified Fluid Microemulsions 2.004E+10 5/20/2004
Erkey, C., Hara, H.S. Aerogel and Metallic Compositions 2.004E+10 2/12/2004
Fenton, J.M., Kunz, H.R., Lin, J.-C. Membrane Electrode Assemblies Using Ionic Composite Membranes 2.004E+10 4/29/2004
Goldberg, A.J., Burstone, C.J. Advanced Thermoplastics for Orthodontics 2.004E+10 1/22/2004
Makriyannis, A., Deng, H. Novel Cannabimimetic Ligands 2.004E+10 4/22/2004
Makriyannis, A., Deng, H. Receptor Selective Cannabimimetic Aminoalkylindoles 2.004E+10 4/22/2004
Makriyannis, A., Lai, X.-Z., Lu, D. Novel Biphenyl and Biphenyl-Like Cannabinoids 2.004E+10 5/6/2004
Mather, P., Ge, Q., Liu, C. Shape Memory Polymers Based on Semicrystalline Thermoplastics Polyurethanes Bearing Nanostructured Hard Segments 2.004E+10 6/17/2004
Mather, P., Kim, B.-S., Ge, Q., Liu, C. Nonionic Telechelic PolyhedralOligosilsesquioxane (POSS) and Uses Thereof 2.004E+10 2/5/2004
Mather, P., Liu, C. Castable Shape Memory Polymers Blends of Amorphous and Semicrystalline Polymers Having Shape Memory Properties 2.004E+10 2/12/2004
Mather, P., Liu, C., Chun, S.B., Coughlin, E.B. Crosslinked Polycyclooctene 2.004E+10 6/24/2004
Papadimitrakopoulos, F., Marcus, H.L. Apparatus and Method for Fabrication of Photonic Crystals 2.004E+10 6/24/2004
Scola, D.A., Simone, C.D. Low Viscosity Melt Processable High Temperature Polyimides 2.004E+10 1/8/2004
Sotzing, G.A. Polymers Comprising Thieno[3,4-b ]thiophene and Methods of Making and Using the Same 2.004E+10 1/15/2004
Sotzing, G.A. Polymeric Compositions Comprising Thieno[3,4-b]thiophene, Method of Making, and Use Thereof 2.004E+10 4/22/2004
Srivastava, P.K. Using Heat Shock Proteins and Alpha-2-Macroglobulins to Increase the Immune Response to Vaccines Comprising Heat Shock Protein-Peptide Complexes or Alpha-2-Macroglobulin- Peptide Complexes 2.004E+10 2/5/2004
Srivastava, P.K. Alpha (2) Macroglobulin Receptor as a Heat Shock Protein Receptor and Uses Thereof 2.004E+10 4/15/2004
Taylor, G.W. Imaging Array Utilizing Thyristor-Based Pixel Elements 2.004E+10 4/29/2004
Taylor, G.W. Photonic Serial Digital-to-AnalogConverter Employing a Heterojunction Thyristor Device 2.004E+10 4/29/2004
Taylor, G.W., Cai, J. Photonic Digital-to-Analog Converter Employing a Plurality of Heterojunction Thyristor Devices 2.004E+10 4/29/2004
Taylor, G.W., Cai, J. Optoelectronic Circuit Employing a Heterojunction Thyristor Device that Performs High Speed Sampling 2.004E+10 4/29/2004
Taylor, G.W., Cai, J. Optoelectronic Circuit Employinga Heterojunction Thyristor Device to Convert a Digital Optical 2.004E+10 5/20/2004
Taylor, G.W., Dehmubed, R., Upp, D.C. Signal to a Digital Electrical Signal Optoelectronic Clock Generator Producing High Frequency Optoelectronic Pulse Trains With Variable Frequency and Variable Duty Cycle and Low Jitter 2.004E+10 4/29/2004
Taylor, G.W., Duncan, S.W. Semiconductor Devices Employing at Least One Modulation Doped Quantum Well Structure and One or More Etch Stop Layers for Accurate Contact Formation 2.004E+10 4/29/2004
Taylor, G.W., Duncan, S.W. Method of Fabricating Semiconductor Devices Employing at Least One Modulation Doped Quantum Well Structure and One or More Etch Stop Layers for Accurate Contact Formation 2.004E+10 4/29/2004
Taylor, G.W. Modulation Doped Thyrisor and Complementary Transistors Combination for a Monolithic Optoelectric Integrated Circuit 2.004E+10 4/22/2004
Yang, X., Lee, J. Novel Methods for the Production to the Methods, and Methods of Use of Same 2.004E+10 4/22/2004
Zhang, B. Screw Vibration Assisted Tapping Device 2.004E+10 6/24/2004