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  October 18, 2004

Flu Clinic Canceled Due To Global Vaccine Shortage

University Health Services has canceled its annual flu vaccination clinic because of the worldwide shortage of flu vaccine.

“We have been unable to obtain any of the vaccine for the campus community,” says Michael Kurland, director of the health services. He says the Centers for Disease Control have suggested that because of the shortage, healthy people between the ages of two and 64 should not get the flu shot this year.

People who need the vaccine – because they are older than 64, have chronic medical conditions, are pregnant, or are health care workers – should contact their personal physician, Kurland said.

“We are hoping to receive a limited number of doses of the vaccine for students who need it,” he says. “But unfortunately supplies are so limited, we will be unable to offer the vaccine to faculty and staff as we usually do.”

Students who are in need of the vaccine may place their names on a waiting list at the Health Services to receive it if doses become available.