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  October 12, 2004

High-Achieving Honors Students
Recognized At Special Ceremony

Sixty-five high-achieving undergraduates in the Honors Program were recognized for excellence at the inaugural Sophomore Honors Certificate Ceremony Oct. 5 in the Student Union Theatre.

Also honored were three students who received the first Oaklawn Foundation scholarships.

Image: Carla Hill speaks at the honors ceremony.

Carla Hill, a senior art history major, gives the keynote address at the inaugural Sophomore Honors Certificate Ceremony in the Student Union Theatre. Seated from left are Lynne Goodstein, Fred Maryanski, and Kathy Usher.
Photo by Melissa Arbo

Those who received the Sophomore Honors Certificate completed their sophomore year last spring. They completed the certificate requirements through a combination of participating in the First-Year Honors Seminar, earning honors academic credits in honors courses, and taking part in honors events and workshops.

"One of the Honors Program's strategic goals is to foster a community of honors scholars," says Lynne Goodstein, associate vice provost and director of honors programs.

"Through new events like the Sophomore Honors Certificate Ceremony, we bring our student and faculty community together to recognize the hard work and celebrate the accomplishments of honors scholars during their first two years at the University."

During their first and second years, honors students may work toward the requirements of the Sophomore Honors Certificate by engaging in honors coursework and getting involved in the honors community. Activities may include seminars, conferences, concerts, and performances. Students are also encouraged to participate in service projects.

The Oaklawn Foundation, a Connecticut-based charitable organization, established the Oaklawn Foundation Scholarship to recognize student achievement in the Honors Program.

Honors students who did not receive merit aid as first-year students may receive Oaklawn scholarships. Each year, rising juniors are invited to apply for them.

"We are delighted to be able to inaugurate the Oaklawn Scholarship by awarding it to three highly deserving third-year honors scholars," Goodstein says. "This award gives us the opportunity to recognize leadership and academic excellence among students who have not previously received merit aid from the University."

The recipients are: Jennifer Callahan, a political science major; John Joseph Hudak, a political science and economics major; and Eric Secor, a philosophy major.

Callahan has been active in the honors program since her first semester at UConn. She credits her honors advisor, Howard Reiter, political science department head, with helping her define her academic and career goals. She hopes to attend law school and specialize in international relations.

Hudak served on the Honors Council's academic committee and provided input for the redesign of the requirements for the Sophomore Honors Certificate. As part of the Washington, D.C. Internship program, he spent a semester working in the office of U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-3rd Dist. He plans a career in public policy.

Secor had planned to major in political science, until an honors philosophy course changed his academic path. Another course, the Freshman Honors Seminar, inspired him to become a facilitator for the seminar the following year.