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  October 12, 2004

Recipients Of Provost's Research Awards For 2004 Announced

The recipients of the 2004 Provost's Research Excellence Awards and Provost's Research Fellowships have been announced.

The Provost's Research Excellence Awards recognize excellence in research at the Storrs and regional campuses. The awards are open to tenured faculty in all disciplines who hold the title of University Professor, Professor, or Associate Professor. Up to four awards are made and each is accompanied by a stipend of $2,500 to be used at the award winner's discretion in support of his or her program of research.

Factors considered by the review committee when evaluating the nominations include, Is the research seminal, influential? What is the impact of the research in a global context? and What influence has the nominee had on the promotion of research at the University of Connecticut, such as mentoring students and colleagues?

The 2004 recipients of the Provost's Research Excellence Awards are:

Robin Chazdon, Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Michael Neumann, Professor, Mathematics

Clinton Sanders, Professor, Sociology

They will be honored during the May 2005 graduate Commencement.

The Provost's Research Fellowship program offers an opportunity for release time from teaching for a semester to work on a long-term research project. This competitive program is designed to support and promote long-term research projects that cannot be funded via other, more traditional avenues.

Proposals are evaluated by a peer review committee that considers the overall excellence of the proposed research project and its scholarly significance; evidence that the research project is in the final, or near-to-final stages; evidence that other, more traditional sources of support are not available to support completion of the research project; and evidence that release time from teaching is crucial in order to complete the research project.

This year's recipients of the Provost's Research Fellowship awards are:

Thomas Baker, Professor, Law
"The Bankers for the Tort System: Liability Insurance and the Regulation of Civil Justice in America," Spring 2005.

Richard Hiskes, Professor, Political Science
"The Right to a Green Future: Human Rights, Environmentalism, and Intergenerational Justice," Fall 2004.

Benjamin Liu, Associate Professor, Modern and Classical Languages
"The Moor's Treasure: Reading Interfaith Economies in Medieval Spanish Literature," Fall 2004.

Glen MacLeod, Professor, English
"Authenticity in American Art and Literature: From Casts and Copies to the Age of Mechanical Reproduction," Fall 2004.

Carlton Molette, Professor, Dramatic Arts
"Final Draft of Our Short Stay, a Play by Barbara and Carlton Molette Inspired by the African-American Students and the Prudence Crandall School, 1833-1834," Fall 2004.

Richard Parker, Professor, Law
"Nostrums and Remedies: Reforming Social Regulation in America," Fall 2004.