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  June 7, 2004

Christopher Morosky, Doctor Of Medicine

The son of an Air Force physician, Christopher Morosky had already lived in three other states by the time he was five and the family settled in Southington, Conn. His father specialized in obstetrics and gynecology and worked long hours, but the young Morosky didn't have any complaints: "I knew in elementary school that I wanted to be a physician, because of my dad's example," he says.

Image: Christopher Morosky

Photo by Peter Morenus

Morosky, who graduated with an M.D. degree May 16, was one of two graduates to speak during the Health Center Commencement ceremony. He was selected by his fellow graduates.

Morosky completed his undergraduate work at Vermont's Middlebury College, graduating with two degrees, one in molecular biology/biochemi stry and the other in Japanese. He spent a semester abroad in Tokyo, studying Japanese for six months at Sophia University. After graduating from college, he sent in his application to UConn's medical school, and accepted a job as a translator in Chiba City, near Tokyo, for the city's Department of International Relations. An often glamorous position, Morosky attended international parties and rubbed shoulders with ambassadors, governors, and other dignitaries.

He was placed on UConn's waiting list and, when he didn't hear from the school, he accepted another year's assignment in Chiba City. The next morning, he got a phone call from UConn - he was in.

"My Japanese colleagues and friends gave me their complete support and told me to follow my dream. This was Tuesday. Classes started Friday and I was there, tired but there," he said. "I never had a second thought about my decision."

While in medical school, Morosky was involved in a number of volunteer programs and research projects. As a member of the Student National Medical Association, he was chairman of its Youth Science Enrichment Program. He served in the Bridge to the Future Youth Mentorship Program, a one-on-one program that promotes the value of health care professions to Hartford's high school students. He also participated in elementary school health education programs. His most recent research projects involved endometrial cancer and perinatal outcomes.

Morosky plans to stay in this area, which he says makes his mother especially happy. "Before I left for Japan, she had a party for me celebrating all the holidays I was going to miss - from Halloween costumes, to turkey, to an Easter egg hunt, she had it all.," he says.

Morosky will stay at the UConn Health Center for his residency in obstetrics and gynecology, and hopes to continue working in an academic setting.