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  May 3, 2004

Research Subjects Needed
To Participate In Taste Study

Do you ever wonder why some people love black coffee, and others despise the taste? Do you find it hard to understand how someone could eat a sundae with toppings piled high without going into sugar shock? Or do you need to cover your food in salt before even tasting it? You can get answers to these questions and more by participating in a taste study.

The School of Allied Health is recruiting women ages 35 to 60 to participate in two sessions, each lasting one to two hours. Participants will be asked to taste foods and various solutions (all food grade), and to state what they taste and how much they like it. They will also be asked what foods they like to eat and what they eat. Participants will be paid and will also receive a cardiovascular disease risk assessment. All procedures are approved by the University Internal Review Board.

Please call Sarah Lanier at 860.486.0034 or send e-mail to sarah.lanier for further information.