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  January 26, 2004

Recipients Of Research Foundation's
Fall 'Large Grants' Announced

Vice Provost Janet Greger and the Research Advisory Council recently announced the fall 2003 Research Foundation Awards for Large Faculty Grants. The goal of these awards, as with all Research Foundation programs, is to help faculty move into a better position to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

The Council received 66 proposals totaling $1,182,264 and made 31 awards totaling $441,708. The proposals were peer reviewed by members of a standing review panel.

Fall 2003 Large Grant Recipients

Eldridge Adams, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, "The Genetic Structure of an Invasive Ant Population," $20,335

Amvrossios Bagtzoglou, Civil & Environmental Engineering, "Development of an Efficient Inverse Method for Near Real-Time Atmospheric Contamination Source Identification," $15,851

Ben Bahr, Pharmaceutical Science, "Differential Taxicogenomic Responses to Excitotoxic Agents in Hippocampus," $21,515

Robin Chazdon, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, "Spatial and Temporal Variation in Tree Dynamics and Productivity in Second-Growth Forests of Northeastern Costa Rica," $25,940

Kathleen Cienkowski, Communication Sciences, "The Relationship Between Age, Cognitive Ability and Hearing Aid Settings," $15,507

Antonius Cillessen, Psychology, "Developmental Trajectories of Peer Relations and the Prediction of Health Risk Behaviors in Young Adulthood," $23,458

Jun-Hong Cui, Computer Science & Engineering, "Systematic Multicast Group Measurement and Modeling in the Internet," $12,429

Hans Dam, Marine Sciences, "Interaction of Top-Down Control and Elemental Stoichiometry in Determining Primary Production in Marine Systems," $9,554

Arnold Dashefsky, Sociology, "Identity and Community: Changes and Challenges to Generational Transmission Among American Jews," $3,751

Pamela Erickson, Anthropology, "Pre and Post Contact Effects on Waorani Fertility: A Demographic and Social Analysis," $23,415

Edward Eyler, Physics, "Novel Method for Measuring Ion Isotope Shifts Relevant to Possible Time Dependence of the Fine Structure Constant," $10,000

James Franklin, Dramatic Arts, "The Emerging Art of Lighting Design for the Performing Arts in the Post-Soviet Russian Federation," $5,226

Norman Garrick, Civil & Environmental Engineering, "Making Roads Safer for Non-Motorized Travel," $3,600

George Gibson, Physics, "Alignment and Localization of Iodine Molecules with Strong Laser Fields," $8,114

Davita Glasberg, Sociology, "Lending in Connecticut: The Role of Nonstate Institutions in Wealth Inequity," $17,675

David Goldhammer, Center for Regenerative Biology/Molecular & Cell Biology, "Subcellular Localization and Functions of Rpg, a Novel Zinc Finger Transcriptional Repressor of the Muscle Regulatory Gene, MyoD," $24,144

Aggelos Kiayias, Computer Science & Engineering, "Digital Content Broadcast with Piracy Protection," $12,429

Etan Markus, Psychology, "Hippocampal Information Processing: Age Related Changes," $21,021

V. Penelope Pelizzon, English, "The Monongahela Book of Hours (a Book of Poems)," $5,400

Anthony Philpotts, Geology & Geophysics, "Acquisition of Meter for Measuring Anisotrophy of Magnetic Susceptibility of Rocks," $5,096

Juliette Shellman, School of Nursing, "The Effects of a Structured Reminiscence Intervention on Depression and Life Satisfaction in African-American Elders," $23,224

John Silander, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, "Landscape Genetics of Protea Populations in the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa," $16,827

Lawrence Silbart, Animal Science, "Developing DNA Vaccines to Block Latex Allergy," $14,159

Laurie Sloan, Art & Art History, "Experimental Serigraphy Project," $3,668

William Stwalley, Physics, "Bridge Funding for Ultracold KRb Molecule Formation," $13,694

Thomas Torgersen, Marine Sciences, "Development of a Coupled Transport and Reaction Model for Shallow Ponds," $12,519

Charles Vinsonhaler, Mathematics, "Abelian Groups and Mathematics Education," $3,025

Susanne Yelin, Physics, "Collective and Superradiant Effects in Optically Dense Atomic Clouds," $14,814

Bi Zhang, Mechanical Engineering, "Innovative Design of Pressure-Assisted Micromachining Apparatus for Brittle Materials," $16,569

Ping Zhang, Molecular & Cell Biology, "Small Heat Shock Protein HSP27 in Drosophila Aging," $22,014

Shengli Zhou, Electrical & Computer Engineering, "Adaptive Cross-Layer Designs for High-Speed Wireless Access," $16,795

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