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  November 3, 2003

November 5 Meetings To Address
Facilities Planning And Parking Policy

Two meetings will be held this week to discuss planning for the implementation of 21st Century UConn.

On Wednesday, November 5, the consultants engaged by the University to assist with the planning effort, JJR Inc. and Chance Management, will meet with the Master Plan Advisory Committee from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and with the Parking Advisory Committee from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., in Room 7 of the Bishop Center. Both meetings are open to the public, and all interested parties are encouraged to attend. Time for public participation will be provided.

The issues to be addressed at the Master Plan Advisory Committee meeting include potential sites for the replacement of the Arjona and Monteith buildings; designation of future construction opportunitie s for academic and residential buildings; and options for locating student health services and athletic and student recreational facilities.

The Parking Advisory Committee will meet to hear the consultants' suggestions for potential changes in parking policies and fee structures.

These meetings are part of a series of meetings that will occur during this academic year, as the plan is finalized in preparation for presentation to the Board of Trustees in summer or fall 2004.

During this important new planning stage, known as Master Plan III, members of the UConn community are urged to keep themselves informed and provide input into the plans.

For more information, contact Karla Fox, co-chair of the Master Plan Advisory Committee and chair of the Parking Advisory Committee. Members of the Master Plan Advisory Committee may also be contacted for information on the planning process.

The committee is a diverse group composed of trustees, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members, and includes representatives of many university offices whose work is relevant to the development of the Master Plan.

The members are:

Lori Aronson, Vice President, Financial Planning and Management
Jane Bachand, Manager, Telecommunications
Phil Barry, Trustee, Board of Trustees
Leonard Blanks, Manager of Creative Services, University Communications
Ronald Blei, Professor, Mathematics
Scott Brohinsky, Director, University Relations
Janine Caira, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/University Senate
Thomas Callahan, Special Assistant to the President, President's Office
Craig Calvert, Graduate Student, Graduate Student Senate
Bruce Carlson, Chief of Staff, Health Center
Jack Clausen, Associate Professor, Natural Resources Management & Engineering
Joseph Comprone, Associate Vice Provost, Avery Point Campus
Eddie Daniels, Director, Campus Activities
Ann Denny, Director, Parking Services
John DeWolf, Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Dale Dreyfuss, Vice Chancellor, Business and Administration
Ron Dubois, Head Coach, Athletics
Linda Flaherty-Goldsmith, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, President's Office
Karla Fox (Co-Chair), Special Assistant to the Provost, Provost's Office
Janet Freniere, Director, Transportation Services
Sara Harkness, Professor, Family Studies
Robert Henning, Associate Professor, Psychology
Carole Henry, Director, Residential Life
Jacquelyn Joseph-Silverstein, Associate Vice Provost, Stamford Campus
Richard Kelley, Alumni Council Member, Alumni Association
Debra Kendall, Professor, Molecular & Cell Biology
Kirklyn Kerr, Dean, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Donna Korbel, Director, Center for Students with Disabilities
Leslie Maddocks, University Glazier, Facilities Operations
Meg Malmborg, Director, Lodewick Visitors Center
Fred Maryanski, Senior Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
Edna McBreen, Associate Vice Provost, Tri-Campus
Dana McGee, Director/University ADA Coordinator, Office of Diversity & Equity
Richard Miller, Director of Environmental Policy, Provost's Office
Peter Miniutti, Associate Professor, Plant Science
Michael Nichols, President, Undergraduate Student Government
Greg Padick, Town Planner, Town of Mansfield
Larry Schilling, University Architect, Facilities Management
Richard Schwab (Co-Chair), Dean, Neag School of Education
Deborah Shelby, Assistant Dean, CLAS
William Simpson, President, UConn Co-op
Peter Tanaka, Sergeant, Police Department
Alvin Wilson, Director, Government Relations
Freidemann Weidauer, Associate Professor, Modern & Classical Languages
Ted Yungclas, Assistant Dean, Fine Arts
Ernie Zirakzadeh, Professor, Political Science/ University Senate
Barbara Buddington (ex-officio), Director, Windham Region Council of Governments
Cynthia vanZelm (ex-officio), Executive Director, Mansfield Downtown Partnership