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September 8, 2003

Health Center Announces
Recent Faculty Appointments

The Health Center has announced the following new faculty members who are joining the University now, or have done so within the past year:

Dana Abbott, asst. prof./basic sci., child & family studies; Ph.D., Univ. of Albany; specialty: not available

Alexander Amerik, asst. prof./basic sci., pharmacology; Ph.D, Shemyakin Institute; specialty: not available

Tanya Ave'lallemant, asst. prof./clinical, dermatology; MD, UConn; ; specialty: cutaneous laser surgery

Joan Benz, asst. prof./clinical, family medicine; Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago, MD, Univ. of Iowa; specialty: not available

Lisa Berzins, instructor/basic sci., psychiatry; Ph.D., Univ. of Kentucky; specialty: cognitive therapy

Heather Brown, instructor/clinical, genetics and developmental biology; MS, Indiana Univ.; specialty: genetic counseling

Thomas Buell, asst. prof./basic sci., neuroscience; Ph.D., Univ. of California-Berkeley; specialty: auditory perception and human factors

Robert Carpenter, asst. prof./clinical, surgery; MD, Mayo Clinic; specialty: not available

Linda Cauley, asst. prof./basic sci., medicine; MD, Univ. of Oxford; specialty: virus infection - influenza

Rocio Chang, instructor/basic sci., psychiatry; MS, Univ. of Hartford; specialty: not available

Lisa Conti, asst. prof./basic sci., psychiatry; Univ. of Vermont; specialty: behavioral neuroscience

Michael Dahn, prof./clinical, surgery; MD, St. Univ. at Buffalo, Ph.D., Wayne State Univ.; specialty: splanchnic metabolism in sepsis

Ann Dandrow, instructor/basic sci., child & family studies; MS, New Hampshire College; specialty: disabled, hearing impaired

Patricia Doyle, instructor/clinical, surgery; MA, Univ. of Colorado; specialty: vocal rehabilitation for singers and actors

Suzanne Ducate, asst. prof./clinical, CMHC-administration; MD, Univ. of Missouri; specialty: correctional psychiatry

Mary Eberle, asst. prof./basic sci., child & family studies; JD, Univ. of Michigan; specialty: criminal justice, developmental disabilities, and public health

Sarah Finnegan, asst. prof./clinical, medicine; MD, UConn; specialty: not available

Wayne Frederick, asst. prof./clinical, surgery; MD, Howard University College of Medicine; specialty: colorectal cancer and metastasis

Arthur Gunzl, assoc. prof./clinical, genetics and developmental biology; Ph.D., Univ. of Tubingen; specialty: molecular parasitology

Poornima Hegde, asst. prof./clinical, pathology; MD, Goa Medical College, India; specialty: not available

Marianne Hennessey, instructor/clinical, psychiatry; MS, Southern CT State Univ.; specialty: not available

Katherine Henry, instructor/clinical, psychiatry; MSW, Springfield College; specialty: not available

William Horgan, asst. prof./clinical, traumatology/emergency medicine; MD, Georgetown Univ.; specialty: not available

Beth Jacobson, instructor/basic sci., child and family studies; MA, UConn; specialty: quantitative analysis

Ahmet Keles, asst. prof./clinical, orthodontics; DDS, Harvard Univ.; specialty: biomechanics in clinical orthodontics

Philip Kerr, asst. prof./clinical, dermatology MD, Univ. of Minnesota; specialty: dermatopathology

Liisa Kuhn, asst. prof./basic sci., biostructure and function; Ph.D., Univ. of California-Santa Barbara; specialty: not available

Laijun Lai, asst. prof./basic sci., pathology; MD, Fujian Institute, China; specialty: growth factors in B lymphocyte development

Erin Leavitt-Smith, instructor/clinical, psychiatry; MA, St. Joseph College; specialty: not available

Karen LeBlanc, instructor/clinical, psychiatry; MA, John Jay College of Criminal Justice; specialty: not available

David Ledgerwood, instructor/basic sci., psychiatry; Ph.D., Univ. of Windsor; specialty: addictions research

Amy Lessler-Boland, instructor/clinical, surgery; MA, Univ. of Colorado; specialty: audiology and speech therapy

Deborah Lundgren, instructor/basic sci., center for vascular biology; MS, Colorado State Univ.; specialty: bioinformatics

Janet McElhaney, asst. prof./basic sci., medicine; MD, Univ. of Alberta, Canada; specialty: age-related changes in the immune response to influenza vaccination

Joo-Hung Park, professor/visiting, pathology; Ph.D., Indiana Univ.; specialty: not available

Geraldine Pearson, asst. prof./clinical, psychiatry; Univ. of Connecticut; specialty: outcomes of psychiatric disorders in children

Kimberly Pisinski, asst. prof./basic sci., child & family studies; JD, Seattle Univ.; specialty: not available

Eileen Russo, instructor/basic sci., psychiatry; MA, St. Joseph's College; specialty: trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder

Moises Salas, instructor/clinical, pediatric dentistry; DDS, Univ. Nuevo Leon, Mexico, MED, Univ. of Puerto Rico; specialty: pediatric dentistry

Jason Sparkowski, asst. prof./basic sci., Center for Vascular Biology; Ph.D., UConn; specialty: virology, oncology

Kaloyan Tanev, asst. prof./clinical, psychiatry; MD, High Med. Inst. ; specialty: neuro- and gero-psychiatry

Sarinthron Tannkunnasombut, instructor/clinical, pediatric dentistry; DDS, Boston Univ.; specialty: microbiology

Susan Tannenbaum, asst. prof./clinical, UConn Cancer Center; MD, SUNY at Downstate; specialty: breast and colorectal cancer

John Taylor, asst. prof./clinical, surgery; MD, Columbia Univ.; specialty: bladder function and oncology

Maria Thompson, instructor/clinical, surgery; MA, UConn; specialty: audiology

Melissa Van Buren, instructor/basic sci., child & family studies; EDD, Valdosta State Univ.; specialty: developmental outcomes from young children with special needs

Sarakei Wakai, instructor/basic sci., child & family studies; Ph.D., UCLA; specialty: special education

Zhao-Wen Wang, asst. prof./basic sci., neuroscience; Ph. D., Michigan State Univ.; specialty: synaptic transmission

Janet Williams, asst. prof./clinical, psychiatry; MD; specialty: not available

Lixia Yue, asst. prof./basic sci., physiology; Ph.D., McGill Univ., Canada; specialty: electrophysiology

Jianyu Zheng, instructor/basic sci., genetics & developmental biology; Ph.D., Hiroshima Univ.; specialty: mechanism of Drosophila aging

This list was supplied to the Advance by the Department of Human Resources at the Health Center.

Source: Department of Human Resources, UConn Health Center.

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