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September 8, 2003

PeopleSoft Moving To The Web

The University's PeopleSoft student administration system is about to receive an upgrade.

Due to be launched on Sept. 29, the newest version of PeopleSoft has been upgraded to a web-based system, which will streamline the software and, in the process, enhance several functions, says Scott Coopee, the University's director of PeopleSoft projects.

"It's a significant upgrade," says Coopee. "This should facilitate a number of processes, and some functions will be enhanced."

The PeopleSoft system will be taken off line at the end of the workday Sept. 18, Coopee says, and will be reintroduced as a web-based system Sept. 29. Coopee says the new version should remind people of WebCT, online course management software.

Coopee says applications to graduate will now be available through PeopleSoft, and the course catalogue link will be "much more functional."

How easy will the new version be to use? Says Coopee, "For faculty and students, it will be largely self-explanatory."

Instructions will be available online.

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