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September 3, 2003

'Large Faculty Grant' Recipients Announced

The Spring 2003 Research Foundation Large Faculty Grants were announced recently by Vice Provost Janet Greger and the Research Advisory Council.

The goal of these awards is to help faculty be in a better position to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

For this competition, the Council received 76 proposals totaling $1,156,031, and made 36 awards totaling $413,087. The proposals were peer reviewed by a review panel.

Recipients were:
Peter Baldwin, History, "Working at Night in American Cities: 1800-1930," $3,623.

Gerald Berkowitz, Plant Science, "Phenotype Characterization of Plants with T-DNA Insertional Mutations in Genes Encoding Cyclic Nucleotide Gated Channels," $13,637.

Jennifer Bruening, Kinesiology, "The Effects of Socialization and Stereotyping on the Sport Participation Patterns of African American Female Student-Athletes," $18,859.

Zoe Cardon, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, "Developing a Miniaturized Sensor for Detecting Glucose Around Plant Roots in Soil," $14,249.

Melinda Daniels, Geography, "Fluvial Dynamics of Large River Secondary Channels: Process, Form and Potential for Restoration," $20,000.

Arthur Engler, Nursing, "Kangaroo Care and Maternal Stress: Psychological and Physiological Effects - A Continuation," $22,324.

Harry Frank, Chemistry, "Structure and Function of Pigment-Protein Complexes in Photosynthetic Organisms," $5,000.

Hedley Freake, Nutritional Sciences, "Characterization and Responsiveness of Proteins Key to Zinc Homeostatis in Cultured Cells," $6,081.

Daniel Gage, Molecular & Cell Biology, "Molecular Control of Ribosome Synthesis in the Plant-Root Symbiont Sinorhizobium meliloti," $12,303.

Roberto Gaxiola, Plant Science, "Transgenic Chimeras Engineered to Overexpress the Vacuolar V-Ppase (AVPI) as a Model System for the Study of Shoot Formation in Arabidopsis thaliana," $11,096.

Jean Givens, Art & Art History, "Observation and Image-Making in Gothic Art," $5,386.

Charles Hagen, Art & Art History, "Staged Narrative Photographs in Roman Architectural Settings," $5,398.

Jasminka Ilich-Ernst, Dietetics, "Vitamin A and Vitamin K in Relation to Bone Mineral Status in Healthy Elderly Women," $13,376.

Carol Lammi-Keefe, Nutritional Science, "Sabbatical Leave Activities: Incidence of GDM in Chile and its Relationship to Diet," $4,500.

Hanho Lee, Electrical & Computer Engineering, "High Speed, Low-Complexity Forward Error Correction Architectures for Optical Communication Systems," $11,000.

Benjamin Liu, Modern & Classical Languages, "The Moor's Treasure: Reading Interfaith Economies in Medieval Spanish Literature (Sabbatical)," $5,477.

Raymond Joesten, Geology & Geophysics, "SHRIMP-RG Pb-Isotope Determination of Zircon Provenance and Metamorphic Age of Jadeite-Grade Metagraywacke from the Franciscan Accretionary Prism, Central California (Sabbatical)," $5,000.

Brenda Kurz, Social Work, "A Typology Study of Mental Health and Mental Health Care Utilization of an Ethnically Diverse Group of Women in the WIC Program," $13,706.

Diane Lillo-Martin, Linguistics, "Cross-Linguistic Study of Sign Language Acquisition (ASL & LSB)," $14,635.

Robert Magnusson, Electrical & Computer Engineering, "Photonic-Crystal Vertical-Cavity Lasers," $14,000.

Ramesh Malla and Erling Murtha-Smith, Civil & Environmental Engineering, "Dynamic Failure of Frames at High Temperatures," $18,000.

Laurent Michel, Computer Science & Engineering, "Parallel Local Search Algorithms for Very Large Scale Neighborhood Search," $20,000.

Stuart Miller, Modern & Classical Languages, "Sabbatical Leave: Ritual Purity, Talmudic Society, and Ancient Sepphoris," $3,308.

Andrew Moiseff and Duck Kim, "Auditory Distance Perception by the Barn Owl," $6,796.

Deborah Moncrieff and Bernard Grela, Communication Sciences, "Linguistic Versus Acoustic Interference During a Grammatical Judgment Task in Children with Specific Language Impairment," $14,663.

Brenda Murphy, English, "The Provincetown Movement and American Modernism," $2,859.

Kevin Murphy, Mechanical Engineering, "Damage Detection in Periodic, Gyroscopic Systems (Sabbatical)," $5,000.

Spiro Pavlopoulos, Pharmaceutical Sciences, "Structural Determinants of CB1 Desensitization and Internalization by NMR Analysis of the C-Terminus," $20,693.

Heather Read, Psychology, "Funds to Help Set-Up Imaging System in Auditory Perception and Physiology Laboratory," $14,620.

J. Larry Renfro, Physiology & Neurobiology, "Control and Coordination of Intestinal and Renal Sulfate Transport," $19,461.

James Rusling, Chemistry, "Multi-Enzyme Films Grown Layer by Layer for Sequential Metabolic Reactions," $4,400.

Michael Smith, Chemistry, "An Environmentally Friendly Oxidation of Alcohols with Conducting Polymers," $15,000.

Robert Stephens, Music, "A Primary Study of Afro Cuban Ceremonial Religious Music," $7,050.

X. Cindy Tian, Center for Regenerative Biology, "Expressed Polymorphisms in Growth Enhancing and Inhibiting Bovine Imprinted Genes," $21,812.

Kimberly Treadwell, Psychology, "Noncontingent Reinforcement Treatment for Behavior Disorders in Children: Mechanisms of Action and Maintenance of Treatment Gains," $15,415.

Philip Yeagle and Arlene Albert, Molecular & Cell Biology, "Sabbatical Research: Special Role for Helix 8 in Rhodopsin Activation," $4,000.

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