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September 3, 2003

Health Center Post-docs Vote To Join Union

Health Center postdoctoral fellows voted Aug. 28 to unionize, and be represented by University Health Professionals.

The vote was 64 to 61.

UHP represents about 1,880 Health Center employees, including nurses, other hospital personnel and administrators, and staff, the most of any union at the Farmington campus. Eight unions represent approximately 3,200 of the institution's 4,900 employees.

The vote followed a state Board of Labor Relations ruling announced July 30 that called for an election before the end of August. The ruling was in response to a petition submitted to the board by UHP and asking that postdoctoral fellows be included in the bargaining unit.

Postdocs on payroll as of July 24 and still employed by the Health Center on election day were eligible to vote. One hundred twenty-five voted, out of the 138 who were eligible.

The outcome of the election was determined by a majority of those who voted.

Voting took place throughout the day in the Keller Lobby, and was conducted and monitored by agents of the labor board.

State statutes govern the process by which unions are certified.

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