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  March 3, 2003

Babbidge Library To Use 'One Card'
Program For Photocopying
By Suzanne Zack

Using the public photocopy machines and laser printers at Homer Babbidge Library is about to get easier. Starting in mid-May, the University Libraries will use the University's "One Card" program for photocopying and printing at Babbidge Library and the Music & Dramatic Arts Library, replacing the "VendaCard" system.

The One Card Program uses a University ID as a debit card. Funds in the form of "Husky Bucks" are deposited on an ID, which can be applied toward photocopying and printing at the Library, as well as for a variety of other services on campus.

Image: One Card

"It's important that faculty and students see the Libraries as an integral part of their campus life," said Brinley Franklin, director of University Libraries. "The UConn campus community should have one card they can use for a variety of purposes, including photocopying and printing at the Libraries."

The old plastic VendaCards, which were introduced about 15 years ago, were designed to offer the University community an alternative to paying cash for photocopying and printing.

"We sell approximately 8,000 to 10,000 copy cards each year, which entitle library users to discounted services. Unfortunately, many of those cards are lost with credit still on them," says Amelia Hinchliffe, manager of the Libraries' Computer and Copy Services. "The copy cards themselves cost $.50, and, if you lose one, you lose that amount plus any funds that remain. Users have complained to us about this problem for some time."

Currently, the cost of photocopying is $.08 per page with a VendaCard and $.15 per page for cash. In May, that will rise to $.10 with the One Card program, and remain at $.15 for cash.

Through the One Card system, members of the University community will not pay an up-front charge. If an ID is reported lost, the account will be deactivated until a new ID is issued.

All photocopiers, print stations, and microfilm readers at Babbidge Library and the Music & Dramatic Arts Library will be set up to accept the Husky One Card (a UConn ID with a Husky Bucks account), but will also accept cash from patrons who are not eligible for the One Card program.

"We expect to begin testing with a limited number of machines by late March and will complete implementation by the first day of the first summer session," Hinchliffe says.

Because the old card readers will be removed, the current copy cards will no longer be valid once the new system is fully implemented, she notes. Patrons should use up the funds on the old cards by May 16.

Any member of the University community who is eligible for a UConn ID can participate in the One Card program with a Husky Bucks account. Information is available from the One Card Office on the second floor of the Wilbur Cross Building, or by calling 860.486.3129, or via the One Card website.

Replacement ID's are available at the One Card Office at a cost of $15, with a photo ID and a copy of an employee's payroll authorization.

Husky Bucks can be used at locations including the UConn Co-op, the Nutmeg Grille, Bookworms, Jonathan's, Union Café, Chem Café, Papa Gino's, all dining halls, and all Grab & Go locations. Off-campus vendors are expected to be added in the future.

Cash can be added to the card at the One Card office and at a number of Card Service Centers on campus, including the UConn Co-op.

University departments will continue to be able to open accounts and get reduced rates for copying and printing. The card format will change, however. Payment will continue to be made by transfer voucher at the Computer and Copy Services desk. Money deposited on the card account will only be valid at Babbidge Library and the Music & Dramatic Arts Library.

Departments that would like to participate in the new program should e-mail . For more information on the change, go to the library website.

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