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  February 3, 2003

Twenty-Eight Faculty Named
Recipients of 'Large Faculty Grants'

Vice Provost Janet Greger and the Research Advisory Council recently announced the fall 2002 Research Foundation Awards for Large Faculty Grants. The goal of these awards, as with all Research Foundation programs, is to help faculty move into a better position to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

The Council received 73 proposals totaling $1,298,694 for this competition, and made 27 awards totaling $412,685. The proposals were peer reviewed by ad hoc reviewers and members of a standing review panel.

V. Bede Agocha, Psychology, "Safer-Sex Decision Making: A Motivated Cognition Explanation", $18,140.

Rajeev Bansal, Electrical & Computer Engineering, "Microwave Imaging for Breast Cancer", $12,990.

Gayle Bessenoff, Psychology, "The Role of the Self-Concept in Norm Accessibility, Internalization and Self- and Other-Related Influence", $11,900.

Robin Bogner, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Jane Kerstetter, Allied Health, "The Role of Gastric pH in Calcium Absorption", $19,000.

Joanne Conover, Center for Regenerative Biology/Physiology & Neurobiology, "Optimizing an 'Ex Vivo' Mouse Stem Cell System for Investigations of Parkinson's Disease", $15,151.

Frank Costigliola, History, "Guns and Kisses in the Kremlin and Other Moments in the Formation of the Cold War, 1941-1947", $3,500.

Robin Côté, Physics, "Ultracold Atomic Samples Doped with Charged Particles", $14,617.

James Dixon, Psychology, "The Genesis of New Problem Categories: Effects of Early Exemplars and Relational Transfer During Acquisition of Multiplication and Division", $12,595.

William Fodor, Center for Regenerative Biology/Molecular and Cell Biology, "Isolation, Characterization and Genetic Modification of Transgenic Pig Olfactory Ensheathing Cells", $16,000.

Joerg Graf, Molecular and Cell Biology, "Identification of Antimicrobial Compounds in Hirudo medicinalis", $14,000.

Blair Johnson, Psychology, "Documenting and Reducing Risk Behaviors of HIV-Positive Romanian Adolescents", $14,202.

Mary Ellen Junda, Music, "A Jazz Recording with Treblemakers Children's Choir", $15,230.

Judith Kelly, Molecular & Cell Biology, "Sabbatical Studies of a DD-peptidase Using Neutron Diffraction", $5,000.

Debra Kendall, Molecular & Cell Biology, "Mapping Preprotein-SecY Interactions During Protein Translocation", $35,000.

David Knecht, Molecular & Cell Biology, "Molecular Genetic Analysis of the Cytoskeleton", $20,183.

Louise Lewis, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, "RFLP and DNA Sequence Characterization of Green Algae (Chlorophyta) from Desert Microbiotic Crust Communities", $15,882.

Kerry Marsh, Psychology, "Affordances for Cooperation as a Dynamical System", $12,985.

Kristine Nowak, Communication Sciences, "Understanding the Influence of the Virtual Image on Person Perception in Mediated Interactions: A Proposal for Designing Stimulus Materials for a Series of Pilot Studies", $15,716.

Adrian Pantoja, Political Science, "Latino Political Empowerment: Descriptive Representation in Congress and Its Effects on Latino Political Orientations, Attitudes and Behavior", $16,683.

Theodore Rasmussen, Center for Regenerative Biology/Animal Science, "Intra- and Intermolecular Interactions of the Histone Variant MacroH2A1", $9,500.

Michael Renfro, Mechanical Engineering, "Study on the Structure of Nonpremixed Flames with High Stoichiometric Mixture Fractions", $16,334.

Timothy Saternow, Dramatic Arts, "Designing and Committee Chairing the United States Entry in the International Schools of Scenography Exhibit of the Prague Quadrennial 2003", $5,467.

Evelyn Simien, Political Science, "Black Feminist Voices in Politics: At Last, A Pathway", $19,036.

Jiong Tang, Mechanical Engineering, "Pilot Investigations on Pressure Control Using Piezoelectric Valve System for Fuel Cell Applications", $17,084.

Bing Wang, Electrical & Computer Engineering, "Bit-level Random Access Optical Memory Using Spectral Bistability in Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Ring Lasers", $18,535.

Mei Wei, Metallurgy & Materials Engineering, "Novel Partially Fluoride Substituted Hydroxyapatite Composite for Orthopedic Applications", $19,953.

Lei Zhu, Chemical Engineering, "A New Bicontinuous Cubic Morphology in Diblock Copolymers as Photonic Bandgap Materials", $17,992.

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