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  February 3, 2003

Best Grad Schools Guide Photographer
Zooms In On Neag School of Education
By Janice Palmer

The national spotlight is beaming on the Storrs campus. As U.S. News & World Report prepares its annual "Best Graduate Schools" guide and magazine for release, photographers were dispatched to seven graduate schools across the country, including the Neag School of Education.

The publication is trying a new approach this year, says Carol McKay, photo editor. Along with the usual graduate school rankings and articles, a pictorial will be included to give prospective students a better picture of what to expect at grad school.

Seven graduate schools, one from each discipline ranked, were chosen for the project. From the campuses of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to the University of Chicago Law School and Stanford University, professional photographers focused their lenses on student life.

"We were honored to be chosen for this project, and what an opportunity it was," said Richard Schwab, dean of education. He was interviewed by a U.S. News & World Report writer working on article about teacher retention, which is also expected to be included in the guidebook.

"Though our home base, the Gentry building, is in the midst of major construction, our students did a fantastic job showing off the best of what this campus and our program have to offer," he said.

For four days in January, photographer Bridget Gorman, who is based in New York City, followed education graduate students to capture a variety of photogenic moments. Lisa Bok and Becky Golanski, fifth-year students in the Integrated Bachelor's/Master's program, posed for pictures for an entire day, in settings ranging from their rooms in the Hilltop Suites and Hilltop Apartments to the Batchelder elementary school in Hartford, where they are completing internships.

Doctoral students David Parker, Kevin O'Connor, and Mary Joan LaFrance were among those who caught the camera's eye in a variety of scenic spots, including the Wilbur Cross reading room, South Campus dining hall, the Student Recreation Facility, Homer Babbidge Library, and the UConn Dairy Bar.

By the time, Gorman, a veteran photojournalist, departed Storrs, nearly 60 rolls of film had been shot. She expects that three photos might make it onto the guidebook's pages. Editors will then determine which photos are best suited for the special edition of the magazine.

Both the guide and the magazine will be on newsstands starting April 7.

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