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  February 3, 2003

Chancellor Outlines Plans For
Students, Others Called To Serve
By Richard Veilleux

Students, faculty, and staff who are called to active duty in the armed forces will be fully reinstated to their classes or jobs when their tour of duty concludes, Chancellor John D. Petersen told the University community in a memo last week.

"It is the University's policy to support those of our students who have been called to serve our country. No student should be disadvantaged by being called to military service," Petersen said. Similarly, positions will be held open for employees who are called to service.

About 25 students were called to active duty during the semester break, said Fred Maryanski, vice chancellor for academic administration. All will receive full tuition reimbursement, and will be guaranteed a return at their current status once they are discharged. Maryanski said the University also is committed to ensuring that students returning to classes continue to receive the same level of scholarship assistance they were receiving prior to being called up.

Unless students called to duty have completed enough classwork to qualify for grades, Maryanski said, they would receive a full tuition rebate.

"It all depends on what works best for the student," he said.

Maryanski added that at least one staff member also had been called for active duty. He said there are about 10 UConn employees on reserve status, and that any worker called to duty would be guaranteed their position upon return. Workers' families would continue to receive health care coverage.

Employees with questions or concerns regarding the policy should call Mary Ann Lally at 860.486.5734; graduate students should call the Graduate School at 860.486.3615; and undergraduates should contact Chip Reinhart at 860.486.3426.

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