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  September 9, 2002

Activities & Achievements/Newsmakers

Newsmakers is a selection of UConn people and programs in the media. Most of the stories were placed by communications staff at the main campus and at the Health Center.
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We invite faculty (including emeritii), staff and graduate students from all campuses to submit entries Activities and Achievements.

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Research by Larry Armstrong, Kinesiology, showing that caffeine is no more a diuretic than water was reported by NBC-TV 30, WFSB-TV 3, WSTC Radio, and WRCR Radio. Armstrong was also interviewed live on WTIC's Dunaway and Smith show.

Jon Bauer, Law, was quoted in an article about a Connecticut Supreme Court decision on a state law prohibiting discrimination in the workplace in the July 7 New York Times.

Susan Porter Benson, History, was quoted in an article in the June 6 Hartford Courant about the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, held at UConn. Benson was also interviewed about the conference on Connecticut Public Radio on June 7.

Bethany Berger, Law, contributed an opinion piece about the issues facing the newly recognized Eastern Pequots to the July 5 Hartford Courant.

Doug Casa, Kinesiology, was interviewed about new guidelines for athletic trainers in treating athletes during hot weather for stories that appeared throughout the summer in media outlets including: The Chattanooga Times, Newsday, USA Today, Florida Today, Tampa Tribune, the Associated Press, WFSB-TV 3, ESPN Radio - Dan Patrick show, ESPN-TV, ESPN.Com, and Fox Casa was quoted on the topic of fortified waters as part of the Lean Plate Club column in The Washington Post on July 9; the same story appeared in the Los Angeles Times on July 13.

Dr. Patrick Coll, Center on Aging, gave summer health safety advice for older people in the July 16 Hartford Courant.

Dr. Nick DeMartinis, Psychiatry, talked about social anxiety disorder and its treatment Doctor's Guide, web global edition. He also commented on a study about caffeine causing increased stress on NBC-TV 30 on July 30; and talked about shifting gears from summer to winter in The Hartford Courant on Aug. 2.

Todd Fernow, Law, was quoted in an article about Connecticut's inquiry into the deal between Enron and the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority in the June 20 New York Times.

Dr. Jane Grant-Kels, Dermatology, explained that body mist tans are safe but offer no protection from the sun, on NBC-TV 30 on Aug. 7.

Dr. Victor Hesselbrock, Psychiatry, commented on risks for antisocial behavior, in the Aug. 2 Hartford Courant.

William Kraemer, Kinesiology, and his research on women and the benefits of lifting heavy weights, were featured in The New York Times on June 23, NBC Nightly News, CNBC, MSNBC, Fitness, Shape and Modern Bride magazines. NBC-TV 30 featured Kraemer in a two-part report in August. On June 4, The Washington Post interviewed Kraemer for its weekly column, The Lean Plate Club, about the benefits of weight lifting to lose weight. The story also appeared in the Tampa Tribune on June 13. Kraemer's research finding that the supplement creatine slightly increases a person's strength was cited in the Aug. 12 Los Angeles Times and in Newsday on Aug. 13.

Lewis Kurlantzick, Law, was interviewed about labor relations in baseball on WTIC-AM radio on Aug. 19. Kurlantzick also contributed an opinion piece explaining that projected revenues drive athletes' salaries to the Aug. 4 Hartford Courant.

The Law School's expertise in Indian law was the subject of an article in the New York Times' Connecticut section on July 28. The article also appeared in the Arizona Republic on July 28.

The increase in applicants to the Law School was the subject of an article in the July 14 Hartford Courant. An Associated Press article about the increase appeared in Newsday and The New York Times on July 14 and 15. The rise in applications was noted in a July 18 Chronicle of Higher Education article, and an Associated Press article that ran in the July 23 Wall Street Journal.

Diana Leyden, Law, contributed an opinion piece about the earned income tax credit to the July 1 Hartford Courant.

Robert McCarthy, Pharmacy, was quoted in The Connecticut Post on Aug. 5 about the growing number of women becoming pharmacists.

Dr. Tim Morse, Ergonomics Center, explained the ergonomics of backpack use and safety on NBC-TV 30 on Aug. 19.

Nell Jessup Newton, Law, was interviewed about Indian law for the NBC-TV 30 program Connecticut Newsmakers on June 23. She also was quoted in an article about the implications of the federal government's decision to recognize an Indian tribe in the June 26 Hartford Courant; and in a July 12 Connecticut Public Radio segment. Newton and Bethany Berger, Law, were quoted in a June 26 Associated Press article about the need for the Eastern Pequots and Paucatuck Eastern Pequots to form one tribal government. Newton was also quoted in a June 30 New York Times article about the federal government's decision. And she was quoted in an article about the increase in the number of applicants to law and business schools in the Aug. 25 Boston Globe.

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