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  September 9, 2002

DRL Recommends Alternatives to
Bulk Mail for Reaching Students

The Department of Residential Life has issued new recommendations for delivering mail to students living in the residence halls.

Owing to budget reductions, Mail Services no longer delivers campus mail for students to residence hall mailrooms. Mail for staff in residence complex offices will still be delivered, however, as will mail to Hilltop Apartments.

Campus mail for student residents must be delivered directly to the appropriate residence hall mailroom, where residential life staff will place it in student mailboxes. Mailrooms in the residence halls are generally open Monday through Friday, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The Department of Residential Life also has suggested alternative ways of reaching students in University housing that may be more cost-effective than bulk mail. The department is willing to post information about campus programs, reminders, and deadlines through the Reslife movie channel, for example. For information or to provide a listing, contact Lisa Smith at 860.486.4559 or 860.486.1618.

An electronic newsletter, The Focus, coordinated through the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, is another way to reach all students.

A third option is to provide sufficient flyers for the resident assistants to post on bulletin boards throughout the residence halls. Flyers may be delivered to the respective complex offices and the Hilltop Apartment Community Center. Approximately 300 flyers are sufficient to be divided between the five complex offices.

The locations of residence hall mailrooms are:

Mailroom No. of Students Location
North Complex Area
North Campus 1,410 Baldwin 110/112
Northwest Quad 1,020 Russell 115/116
South Complex Area
South 725 Rome Hall Room
Buckley 460 Buckley 105
Shippee 300 Shippee 114
Belden 250 Belden 016
Watson 250 Watson 016
Brock 250 Brock 016
Eddy 250 Eddy 016
West Complex Area
Hilltop 1,100 Putnam 108
Graduate 100 Branford B107
McMahon North 320 McMahon N197
McMahon South 320 McMahon S165
West 525 Chandler A111
East Complex Area
Towers Student Center 1,000 Towers ground floor lobby
Whitney 560 Whitney 118
Mansfield Apartments 275 Individuals
Hilltop Apartments 1,000 Hilltop Community Center

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