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  September 3, 2002

Despite Constraints, Health Center Hires
New Faculty in Selected Areas

The UConn Health Center's new faculty continue a tradition of excellence in education, research, and clinical skills begun by the very first faculty to come to Farmington, according to top administrators at the Health Center.

Dr. Peter Robinson, dean of the School of Dental Medicine, said the new hires are necessary to respond to fundamental needs. "We need to ensure we have all the clinical teaching domains covered by the very best faculty," he said, "and we need to assure we continue to have our outstanding research enterprise grow."

Dr. Steven Strongwater, hospital director and associate dean, clinical affairs, said, "Faculty replacement has been done very selectively, because of the difficult financial situation we are facing. The new faculty who will be joining the Health Center have been carefully selected to meet very specific needs in our signature programs - Cancer, Cardiology, Musculoskeletal, Brain and Human Behavior, and Connecticut Health; to meet market demand, such as in the dermatology clinic; or to replace departing faculty."

Faculty hired at the Health Center since Jan. 1 are:

Dental School
Anna Dongari-Bagtzoglou, asst. prof., clinical; periodontology
Tina Liang, asst. prof., clinical; behavioral sciences & community health
Richard Putnam, asst. prof., basic science; behavioral sciences & community health
Patchane Rungruanganunt, asst. prof., clinical; prosthodontics
Flavio Uribe, asst. prof., clinical; orthodontics

Medical School
Anton Alerte, asst. prof., clinical; pediatrics
Lisanne Alves, instructor, basic science; clinical research center
Herbert Bonkovsky, asst. prof., clinical; medicine
Anthony Brammer, professor, basic science; physiology
Deborah Bubela, instructor, basic science; child & family studies
Dale Fink, instructor, basic science; pediatrics
Christine Gaynor, instructor, basic science; pediatrics
Caiying Guo, asst. prof., basic science; genetics & developmental biology
William Hiser, asst. prof., clinical; medicine
Philip Jaffe, assoc. prof., clinical; medicine
Bonnie Keilty, asst. prof., basic science; pediatrics
Barry Kels, asst. prof., clinical; surgery
Richard Lambrecht, asst. prof., basic science; pharmacology
Wendy Levinbook, assoc. prof., clinical; dermatology
Augustus Mazzocca, asst. prof., clinical; orthopedic surgery
Victor Moyo, asst. prof., clinical; medicine
Richard Munschy, asst. prof., basic science; psychiatry
Lynda Lee Pletcher, asst. prof., basic science; pediatrics
Matthew Rasband, asst. prof., basic science; neuroscience
Ying Shan, asst. prof., basic science; medicine
Yoel Smicun, instructor, basic science; pediatrics
Catherine Weber, asst. prof., basic science; family medicine
Charles Wolgemuth, asst. prof., basic science; physiology
Xiao Chun Yang, asst. prof., clinical; UConn Center on Aging

UConn Health Partners
Mark Buchanan, asst. prof., clinical; CMHC-Administration

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