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  June 17, 2002

'Large Faculty Grant' Recipients Announced

The Spring 2002 Research Foundation Awards for Large Faculty Grants were announced recently. The goal of these awards, as with all Research Foundation programs, is to help faculty move into a better position to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

For this year's competition, the Research Advisory Council received 61 proposals totaling $1,024,554, and made 33 awards totaling $469,622. The proposals were peer reviewed by ad hoc reviewers and members of a standing review panel.

Research Foundation Spring 2002 Large Grant Awards

Alexandru Asandei, IMS/Chemistry, "Paramagnetic Ti and Zr Complexes: Initiators, Chain Transfer Agents and Persistent Species for Living Radical Polymerization?" $22,056.

Marysol Asencio, Family Studies, "Puerto Rican Migration: Sexuality, Identity, Family and Health," $14,355.

Mary Bernstein, Sociology, "The Politics of Same Sex Marriage," $14,034.

Samuel Best, Political Science, "Dissecting the Digital Divide: An Analysis of the Political Implications of Post-Access Internet Capacities," $18,725.

Richard Brown, History, "Illustrations and Index for Book Entitled: Deliver Us From Evil: A Story of Rape, Incest, and the Gallows of the Early Republic," $2,997.

Cornelia Dayton, History, "Mapping Migration into Pre-Revolutionary Boston: An Analysis of Robert Love's Warning Out Book," $4,375.

Eric Donkor Electrical & Computer Engineering, "Decoherence and its Control in Eigenvalue-Degenerate Quantum Systems," $12,304.

Monty Escabí, Electrical & Computer Engineering, "Neural Mechanisms for Sound Source Separation in the Central Auditory System," $21,287.

R. Holly Fitch & Etan Markus, Psychology, "Brain Damage of Prematurity and Behavioral Consequences: A Rat Model," $20,159.

Martha Humphries Ginn, Political Science, "The Unites States Supreme Court and Public Opinion: Can the Supreme Court Change Opinions with its Decisions?" $21,520.

Dina Goldin, Computer Science & Engineering, "Modeling Complex Systems with Persistent Turing Machines," $18,459.

Lawrence Goodheart, History, "Subvention for Mad Yankees: The Hartford Retreat for the Insane and Nineteenth-Century Psychiatry," $3,000.

James Green & Gwen Gustafson, Psychology, "The Effect of Postural Changes on Newborn Infant Crying," $19,160.

Lawrence Hightower, Molecular & Cell Biology, "UConn-Hartford Hospital Cytoprotection Project," $10,680.

Chun-Hsi Huang, Computer Science & Engineering, "Graph Algorithms on Coarse-Grained Parallel Computers," $20,874.

Bruce Kay, Psychology, "Nonlinear Dynamics of the Coordination Between Upper Body Tasks and Locomotion," $15,504.

Debra Kendall, Molecular & Cell Biology, "Structure and Specificity in Human Cannabinoid Receptor-G Protein Interactions," $16,843.

Gregory Kneidel, English, "The Poetics of All Believers: Universal Priesthood and the English Literary Renaissance," $4,875.

Paul Lewis, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, "Bayesian Solutions to Biological Problems Involving Phylogenies," $19,950.

Yi Li, Plant Science, "Demonstration of Utilities of TOBM1 Gene," $18,937.

Joseph LoTurco, Physiology & Neurobiology, "Molecular Mechanisms of Neurogenic Cytokinesis: Bridge Funding for NIH Grant (MH56524)," $20,000.

Glen MacLeod, English, "Authorized Reproductions: Plaster Casts, Painted Copies and the Rise of American Literary Modernism," $5,302.

Sally McBrearty, Anthropology, "The Acheulian to MSA Transition at the Site of GnJh-63 in the Kapthurin Formation, Kenya," $24,746.

Brenda Murphy, English, "Women Intellectuals in Mid-Twentieth-Century America," $2,073.

Nancy Naples, Sociology, "Economic Restructuring, Racialization and Community Work: Incorporation of Mexicans and Mexican Americans in the Rural Midwest," $11,559.

Nitin Padture & Mark Aindow, Metallurgy, "Synthesis of Composites Containing Highly-Organized Metal Nanoparticles in Ceramic Mixes," $11,185.

Nejat Olgac, Mechanical Engineering, "Sabbatical: Travel to Three Centers of Research Related to a Study on Microinjection Mechanics," $5,000.

Maria Rubio, Physiology & Neurobiology, "Glial Cells, Synaptic Function and Receptor Targeting During Development and in Adult Brain," $18,160.

Annelie Skoog, Marine Sciences, "The Effect of Sonoluminescence on Marine Organic Matter," $15,229.

Gregory Sotzing & Robert Weiss, IMS/Chemical Engineering, "Intrinsically Conductive Polymer Foam Sensor Arrays," $11,185.

Judith Thorpe, Art & Art History, "The Body, a Portfolio of Digital Prints That Deals With Body Image and its Representation Through a Woman Who is Aging," $11,500.

Susanne von Bodman, Plant Science, "Subtractive Hybridization of Biofilm and Planktonic Pantoea stewartii to Identify Functions Involved in Biofilm Formation and Plant Host Invasion," $14,865.

X. Harrison Yang, Natural Resources Management and Engineering, "Atmospheric Gene Flow From Transgenic Cornfield," $18,754.

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