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    May 13, 2002

Activities & Achievements/Newsmakers

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We invite faculty (including emeritii), staff and graduate students from all campuses to submit entries Activities and Achievements.

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Manos Anagnostou, Engineering, was featured in a story by WFSB-TV 3 on April 15 that focused on his research efforts to make precipitation measurements and forecasts accurate.

Nehama Aschkenasy, Modern and Classical Languages, commented on the situation in the Middle East on "The Exchange," a program of Fairfield County's Cablevision Channel 12, on March 19 and April 2.

Larry Armstrong, Kinesiology, was quoted in an article about a performance-enhancing technique used by runners called pre-cooling. The story ran in Newsday on April 14.

On March 31, Peter Auster, science director at the National Undersea Research Center, was quoted by Newsday for a story about the damage caused on the ocean floor by fishing dredges and trawlers' nets.

Research conducted by Ben Bahr, Pharmacy, on the brain's self-repair mechanism in Alzheimer's and stroke patients, was featured in a story aired on NBC-TV 30 on April 11.

Chris Barnes, Institute of Public Affairs, was quoted in an article about a state legislator's handling of the Enron controversy in the April 7 New York Times.

Regina Barreca, English, was quoted in an April 28 Washington Post article about men and women and sports.

Cheryl Beck, Nursing, and the Postpartum Depression Scale she developed with Robert Gable, Neag School, emeritus, were featured in a story published in the April issue of Child magazine and in the New Haven Register on Feb. 24. The scale was featured in a story in the Arizona Republic on Feb. 18, and on Feb. 29, Beck was interviewed live on WTIC-AM 1080 radio.

Claudio Benadiva, Reproductive Endocrinology, talked about the "biological clock" ticking for men as well as women, on NBC-TV 30 on April 30.

Michael Borrero, Social Work, was quoted in an article about the revitalization of Hartford's Northeast neighborhood in the April 15 issue of the Hartford Business Journal.

Tim Chartier, Dermatology, commented on the FDA approval for the use of Botox for certain cosmetic uses on NBC-TV 30 April 15.

Karen Chow, English and Asian American Studies, was quoted in an April 20 Hartford Courant article about a clothing store's t-shirts that were pulled from the shelves because they were racist.

Mary Crawford, Psychology and Women's Studies, was quoted in an article about research stating that women shouldn't wait to have children, in the April 9 Hartford Courant.

Sylvain DeGuise, Pathobiology, was quoted about the ongoing lobster research being conducted at UConn in response to the Long Island Sound die-off. The stories ran in the Connecticut Post and Newsday on April 4 and March 31.

Nick DeMartinis, Psychiatry, talked about the use of St. John's Wort for depression on NBC-TV 30 on April 9.

Laura Dickinson, Law, was quoted in an April 2 Hartford Courant article about slavery reparations. The article was reprinted in the April 7 edition of the Saint Paul Pioneer Press and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Ellen Eisenberg and Douglas Peterson, Oral Diagnosis, were featured in a story about oral cancer signs and risks that ran in the New Haven Register April 1.

Anita Garey, Family Studies, was quoted in an April 30 Hartford Courant article about women taking their husband's last name when they get married.

Diane Hoss, Dermatology, discussed products to treat hair loss in a special feature segment on NBC TV-30 news on April 30.

Doug Kaufman, Education, was interviewed by the Hartford Courant for a story about teacher stress, which was published on April 17.

Glenn King, Biochemistry, talked about his research using the venom of the Australian funnel-web spider to create an environmentally friendly pesticide in a feature segment on "Deadly Bugs 2" that aired on the Discovery Channel April 14.

Irving Kirsch, Psychology, was quoted in an April 30 Washington Post article about the nocebo effect.

William Kraemer, Kinesiology, was interviewed by the Associated Press for a story about his research on the supplement creatine. The story was published in Newsday on May 1.

On Feb. 11, Carol Lammi-Keefe, Nutritional Sciences, was featured in a story by NBC-TV 30 about her research to develop a nutritional snack bar for pregnant women.

The Law School's conference on liability and insurance after Sept. 11 was the subject of a March 21 Associated Press article, a March 22 Hartford Courant article, and an article in the April 1 issue of the Hartford Business Journal.

Gerald Leonard, Otolaryngology, explained the difference between allergy symptoms and a sinus infection on NBC-TV 30 April 3.

Jocelyn Linnekin, Anthropology, was quoted in a March 26 Hartford Courant article about arrogant leaders. The article was reprinted in the March 27 Orlando Sentinel and the April 4 Times Union (Albany).

Sandy McBrearty, Anthropology, is quoted in the New York Times about the cognitive abilities of Homo sapiens.

Nell Jessup Newton, Law, was quoted in an article about a possible ban on new casino gambling in the May 3 Hartford Courant.

Jeffrey Ogbar, History, was quoted in an April 9 Orlando Sentinel article about the editor of a hip-hop magazine.

On April 22, Nancy Rodriguez, Nutritional Sciences, was interviewed by Reuters and the Associated Press, about her research on high protein diets and hydration. The story also appeared in the Times Union (Albany).

The partnership between the School of Fine Arts and the Metropolitan Opera was the subject of a brief in the April 2002 issue of Opera News.

Colleen Thompson, Nutritional Sciences, was interviewed by NBC-TV 30 for an April 11 story about school nutrition programs and childhood obesity.

Evan Ward, Marine Sciences, was interviewed by NBC-TV 30 for a story on March 26 about a new Long Island Sound initiative proposed by Sen. Joseph Lieberman.

NBC TV-30 talked with Barbara Ziogas, Pediatrics, about the MMR vaccine and autism April 26.

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