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  April 15, 2002

University Urged to Conserve Water
By Karen A. Grava

The University community has been asked to voluntarily help conserve water because of the extended dry weather conditions.

Faculty, staff, and students are asked to report leaks, dripping faucets, and malfunctioning toilets to the facilities department at (860) 486-3113, and to take shorter showers. All UConn water customers have been asked to wash only full loads in dishwashers and washing machines, and to reduce water use whenever possible.

Water customers in homes around the perimeter of the Storrs campus have been asked to limit outdoor watering and to water only in the early morning or evening; to mulch plants to reduce evaporation and weed growth; and to limit running water time when washing cars.

"Voluntary water conservation will help ensure an adequate supply of water and help protect the environment," said Larry Schilling, university architect.

The University's water supply comes from well systems located near the Fenton and Willimantic rivers. Despite a somewhat rainy March and April, a lack of snow and rain during the past few months has led to a deficit of 10-15 inches of water in the state this year. The state Department of Health has asked the University to distribute notices asking water users to conserve water.

Since 1989, the University's consumption of water has decreased from 110 gallons per person per day to 82 gallons per person per day, although the campus population has increased by about 1,100. The per person savings has resulted not only from conservation-f riendly appliances and faucets, says Schilling, but also from the installation of new water mains.

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