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  February 18, 2002

Activities & Achievements/Newsmakers

Newsmakers is a selection of UConn people and programs in the media. Most of the stories were placed by communications staff at the main campus and the Health Center.

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We invite faculty (including emeritii), staff and graduate students from all campuses to submit entries Activities and Achievements.

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The Accelerated Schools Project, based at the Neag School of Education, was featured by Education Week after an independent study found that the reform program proved successful in several of its schools.

Ralph Arcari, Stowe Library, Health Center, discussed efforts to obtain historic designation for Hospital Rock, an area in Farmington associated with an 18th-century smallpox vaccination clinic, in stories that aired on WFSB-TV 3 on Dec. 20 and NPR on Jan. 23.

Cheryl Beck, Nursing, and the Postpartum Depression Scale she developed with Robert Gable, Educational Psychology, emeritus, were featured in a Washington Post story on Jan. 22.

Indian law research by Bethany Berger, Law, was the subject of an article in the Connecticut Post's winter higher education guide on Jan. 6.

Paul Schiff Berman, Law, was quoted in stories about a state employee who was tried for and acquitted of releasing confidential medical records, on WFSB-TV 3 and NBC-TV 30's newscasts on Jan. 29.

Michael Borrero, Social Work, was quoted in an article about Asian gangs in the Jan. 13 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Mary Casey Jacob, Psychiatry, Health Center, was quoted on the effect of infertility on working women in the January issue of Working Mother.

Laura Dickinson, Law, contributed an opinion piece about the Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearings of Charles Pickering to the Feb. 11 Hartford Courant. On Jan. 24, Dickinson was interviewed on WTIC-AM 1080 about that day's military tribunal panel discussion at the School of Law.

Todd Fernow, Law, was quoted in a Jan. 16 New Haven Register article about Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim's request for a change of venue in his federal corruption trial.

Amala Guha, Hematology-Oncology, Health Center, was the guest on WTIC AM-1080's morning show on Jan. 9. She talked about complementary medicine and the connection between sense of self and well-being.

William Kraemer, Kinesiology, discussed his research on women and the benefits of strength training for a short article in the November issue of Reader's Digest. He was also quoted in a Nov. 18 Associated Press story about older men and the benefits of taking testosterone supplements for weight training and in a Feb. 22 Associated Press article about the benefits of using rubber bands during step aerobics.

Jocelyn Linnekin, Anthropology, was quoted in an article about our time-obsessed society in the Dec. 6 Hartford Courant. She was also quoted in a Dec. 26 Courant article about New Year's Eve celebrations.

Sally McBrearty, Anthropology, was quoted about human culture and what period it can be traced to in an article that ran Jan. 11 in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Robert McCarthy, Michael White, Jon Folstad and Marla Campbell, all of Pharmacy, appeared on NBC-TV 30 for a series of live interviews called "Ask the Pharmacist."

The Metropolitan Opera-University of Connecticut Partnership was the subject of an article in the New York Times' Connecticut section on Feb. 10. The partnership was also the subject of articles in the Jan. 14 Variety, and the Jan. 4 Hartford Courant.

A joint research project involving the National Undersea Research Center at Avery Point, the Neag School of Education, the American School for the Deaf, and the marine sciences research vessel was featured in a Dec. 16 article in the New York Times. Peter Scheifele and Ivar Babb, NURC, Turner Cabannis, Marine Sciences, and Scott Brown, Educational Psychology, were interviewed.

Marilyn Nelson, English, was the subject of an article in the Jan. 6 Hartford Courant. Her appointment as the state's poet laureate was the subject of a Dec. 5 article in The Day (New London), and a Dec. 5 Associated Press article.

A biography of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall written by Kent Newmyer, Law and History, was reviewed in the Jan. 13 New York Times and Feb. 10 Washington Times.

Slavery research by Ugo Nwokeji, History and African American Studies, was the subject of an article in the Dec. 10 Hartford Courant. The article was reprinted in the Dec. 12 Orlando Sentinel, the Dec. 14 Seattle Times, and the Dec. 16 Miami Herald. Nwokeji's research was also the subject of a Dec. 10 Associated Press article.

Amii Omara-Otunnu, UNESCO Chair in Comparative Human Rights and History, was a guest on the Wayne Norman Show on WILI AM-1400 on Jan. 17. He spoke about the UNESCO Chair and other human rights issues.

Nancy Petry, Psychiatry, Health Center, was interviewed about the Superbowl's problem gamblers by the New England Channel News on Jan. 31.

The research of Joseph Renzulli, Neag Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development, was featured in a story focusing on enrichment clusters in The Saturday Oklahoman on Dec. 15.

On Feb. 9, Richard Schwab, Neag Schoolof Education, was interviewed on NPR about what the Bush education reform plan means for Connecticut's schools.

Ellen Shanley and Colleen Thompson, Nutritional Sciences, and their book, "Fueling the Teen Machine," were featured on WFSB-TV 3 on Nov. 18.

Ursula Steadman, UConn Health Partners, and Kristen Zarfos, Surgery, discussed adolescent health and how teenage girls can adopt lifelong healthy habits in a Dec. 18 feature in The Hartford Courant. The article subsequently ran in 18 other newspapers owned by the Tribune Company, from Myrtle Beach, S.C., to Toronto, Canada.

Karen Steinberg, Psychiatry, Health Center, was quoted in the Jan. 2 Chicago Tribune on the importance of New Year resolutions and ways to improve your chances of keeping them.

Jeff Volek, Kinesiology, was interviewed for an article on diet tips that ran in the February issue of Cosmopolitan. He was also interviewed by the Associated Press on Dec. 16 for a story about athletes and the use of the energy-building supplement creatine.

Michael White, Pharmacy, was a guest on WFSB-TV 3's "Face the State" on Nov. 9 to talk about anthrax medications.

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