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Activities and Achievements

Entries Welcome
We invite faculty (including emeritii), staff and graduate students from all campuses to submit entries Activities and Achievements.

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Michie Hesselbrock has been named director of the doctoral program in the School of Social Work.

Articles & Chapters
Donald Baxter, Philosophy, "Instantiation as Partial Identity," Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 79. 4 (December 2001), pp. 449-64; "Loose Identity and Becoming Something Else," Noûs, 35.4 (December 2001), pp. 592-601; and "Hume on Steadfast Objects and Time," Hume Studies, 27.1 (April 2001), pp. 127-46.

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Thomas Shea, English, "Patrick McGinley's Appropriation of Cuchulainn: Typescript Revisions in The Trick of the Ga Bolga," in New Hibernia Review, 5.3 (Autumn 2001), pp. 114-27.

Awards & Honors
Herbert Lederer, Modern & Classical Languages, emeritus, has been selected for inclusion in the biographical dictionary 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals, published in 2001 by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England. He is also included in the latest edition of Who's Who in the World.

Carolé Mensing, Nursing, was recently inducted into the UConn Mu chapter, Sigma Theta Tau, the honor society of nursing.

Joseph Renzulli, Educational Psychology, with Sally M. Reis and Deborah E. Burns, Curriculum Compacting: The Complete Guide to Modifying the Regular Curriculum for High Achieving Students (in Chinese) (Taipei: Taiwan:Psychological Publishing Co. Ltd., 2001).

Elizabeth Anderson, Nursing, presented "Lived Experience of AIDS: Patients' Cognitive Representations," at the Research and Research Utilization Conference: Entrusted Care; Applying Nursing Research to Optimize Safe Patient Outcomes in Hartford, Conn., in October. Also at the conference, John McNulty, with Lynn Allchin and Elizabeth Polifroni, all of Nursing, presented "Validating Math Competency Skills of Nursing Students and New Graduates in Educational & Service Settings," and Laura Dzurec, Nursing, presented "Acknowledging the Validity of Hypothyroid-Like Symptoms in Euthyroid Women: A Beginning Descriptive Analysis."

Kasumi K. Hirayama, Social Work, presented "Dealing with Authority and Bureaucracy: Use of Group Work Knowledge for Softening," with H. Hirayama at the International Symposium on Social Work with Groups, Oct. 11-14, in Akron, Ohio.

Cheryl Parks, Social Work, gave a lecture on "Addictive Behaviors in Women," at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing, in October.

Howard Reiter, Political Science, delivered his inaugural lecture, "Turning Points: Three Decisive Moments in U.S. History," as Fulbright Chair in American Studies at Uppsala University in Sweden on Oct. 25.

Nancy Shoemaker, History, presented "Social Critics: Southeastern Indians Visit Europe and Don't Like What They See," at the American Society for Ethnohistory conference, in Tucson, Ariz., in October.

Other Activities
The website maintained by the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Greenhouse was cited in Public Garden, the journal of the American Association of Arboreta and Botanical Gardens. The website is maintained by Clint Morse, greenhouse manager.

Linda Page, Music, led a team of educators who developed Internet projects and other materials for a project called Sesame Street Music Works. The group created materials to introduce preschoolers to concepts such as sound, rhythm, form and melody through activities designed to reach children in their daily routine.

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