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  September 10, 2001

Activities and Achievements/Newsmakers

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Frank Bohlen, Marine Sciences, and his EMPACT high-tech buoy system in Long Island Sound, were featured in a story aired on May 23 by NBC 30 and WNBC (NY).

Richard Brown, History, contributed an opinion piece about President John Adams to The Hartford Courant on July 9. He was also quoted in The Boston Globe on July 25 in an article about Adams.

Doug Casa, Kinesiology, was interviewed by many media outlets following the heat stroke death of NFL Football player Korey Stringer. He appeared live on ESPN TV's Outside the Lines, ESPN Radio's Game Night, and on National Public Radio. He was interviewed by The Los Angeles Times, San Gabrielle Valley Tribune, Bloomberg News Service, The Boston Globe, St. Petersburg Times, Scripps-Howard News Service, Web MD, Kansas City Star, Houston Chronicle, Palm Beach Post, Baltimore Sun, Dallas Morning News, Dallas Star-Telegram, Weather Channel Website, The Village Voice, the Hartford Courant, WTEM Radio (D.C.), WJAV Radio (Michigan), and Managing School Athletics magazine.

The Department of Marine Sciences and the National Undersea Research Center were featured in a documentary on Long Island Sound that aired on WNBC TV (NY) and NBC 30 (Conn) on July 4.

Laura Dzurec, Nursing, was interviewed about the growing demand for nurse practitioners in a story that ran in The Hartford Courant on July 16.

Julian Ford, Psychiatry, commented on women's attention to personal health in The New York Times on June 24.

Caron Grin, Dermatology, was quoted in a feature article about the Health Center's melanoma clinic in The Hartford Courant on July 24.

Marc Hansen, Molecular Medicine, commented on genetic imprinting in an article in The Hartford Courant on July 13.

Ahmed Kahn, Neurology, commented on the impact of brain swelling in traumatic events in a program that aired July 10 on WVIT-TV 30.

William Kraemer, Kinesiology, was quoted in the Washington Post on June 26, disputing a yoga teacher's claim that children under 16 are injured by the extreme positions.

Jim Kremer, Marine Sciences, was featured in a story about disappearing eel grass along Long Island Sound. The story aired on NBC 30 and WNBC (NY) on June 20.

Scott Kurtzman, Surgery, was interviewed for a news story about how UConn Health Center protects participants in clinical trials on NBC 30 news on July 30.

Hans Laufer, Biology (emeritus), was quoted in The New York Times on May 27 about his research into the Long Island Sound lobster deaths.

Gerald Leonard, Surgery, discussed the causes and treatments of motion sickness on WFSB-TV 3 on July 18

Diana Mason, Social Work, was interviewed for a segment about the importance of fathers, for a segment that aired on WTIC radio on June 17.

Mark Metersky, Pulmonary Medicine, discussed the effects of exercising in air pollution in an article published in The Hartford Courant and syndicated to several other newspapers July 3-10

Tim Morse, Ergonomic Technology Center, discussed workplace injuries in an article that ran in the Los Angeles Times on July 22.

Francis Moussy, Biomaterials, discussed his research to develop an implantable glucose monitor on WVIT-TV 30 on July 10.

Leonard Orland, Law, contributed an opinion piece about the Department of Justice's case against Microsoft to the July 16 issue of the National Law Journal. He also wrote an opinion piece that ran in the July 29 issue of The Hartford Courant.

The summer teacher enrichment program, Confratute, and interviews with the organizers, Joseph Renzulli and Sally Reis, Educational Psychology and Neag Center, were featured on the front page of The Hartford Courant on July 19. The same story ran in The Houston Chronicle on July 22. WNPR ran two reports that included interviews with Renzulli and Reis, on July 13 and July 20. Renzulli also was quoted in the Detroit News about problems created when the federal government interferes with local education decisions and issues. Reis discussed the labeling of gifted students and the dangers of a restrictive definition in the Washington Times on June 17.

Clinton Sanders, Sociology, was quoted in a story about why participation rates are declining in little league baseball. He discussed current attention spans and a preference for more active sports, especially skateboarding. The story ran in The Hartford Courant on July 26.

Peter Scheifele, National Undersea Research Center, was quoted in a June 27 Associated Press story about precautionary measures taken to ensure whales at the Mystic Aquarium are safe and healthy.

Paul Schiff Berman, Law, was quoted in an article about music-sharing software in The Hartford Courant on July 10.

Alex Shvartsman, Engineering, explained why making faster computer chips is important in a story that ran in The Hartford Courant on June 9.

Steven Wilf, Law, was quoted in an article about the School of Law's intellectual property certification program that appeared in the July 2 issue of The Connecticut Law Tribune.

Research on nori by Charles Yarish, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Stamford Campus, was featured in a story on NBC 30 and WNBC (NY) on June 6.

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