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  June 11, 2001

Spring 2001 Research Grants
to Faculty Announced

Research grants totaling $381,238 have been awarded to 25 faculty members in the spring 2001 Research Foundation Awards for Faculty Large Grants competition. The grants were announced recently by Ian Hart, interim vice provost for research and graduate education, and the Research Advisory Council.

The goal of these and other Research Foundation programs is to help faculty move into a better position to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

For the spring 2001 competition, the Council received 43 proposals totaling $756,291. The proposals were peer reviewed by ad hoc reviewers and standing review panel members.

The recipients are:

Jeffrey Aeschlimann, Pharmacy Practice, "The Effects of Vancomycin Crystalline Degradation Product 1 (CDP-1) on Selection of Vancomycin Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus," $14,490.

JC Beall, Philosophy, "Dialetheism - The Current Debate," (new faculty), $5,250.

Robin Bogner, Pharmaceutical Science, "In Vitro Quantification of the Fraction of Soluble Calcium in a Simulated Upper Intestine," $12,383.

Zeljko Boskovic, Linguistics, "Studies in Minimalist Syntax," (sabbatical), $5,350.

Diane Burgess, Pharmaceutical Sciences, & Fotios Papadimitrakopoulos, IMS/Chemistry, "Inflammation Suppressing Microsphere/Hydrogel Composites," $22,000.

Baki Cetegen, Mechanical Engineering, "Rapid Formation of Detonations in Two-Phase Fuel-Air Mixtures for Application in Pulsed Detonation Engines," $19,805.

Thomas Chen, Biotechnology Center/Molecular & Cell Biology, "Production of Transgenic Seaweed," $14,000.

Daniel Codiga, Marine Sciences, "Laboratory Experiments on Tidally-Driven Estuarine Residual Circulation: Effects of Mixing and Density Stratification," (new faculty), $19,000.

Pamela Erickson, Anthropology, "Reproduction, Kinship and Coalitional Violence among the Waorani of Eastern Ecuador," $18,865.

Ann Ferris, Nutritional Sciences, "Early Childhood Anemia: Utility of Psychological Support and Preventive Screening," $19,302.

Gregory Frantz, Civil & Environmental Engineering, "Preliminary Tests of Concrete Confined with Multiple Spirals," $16,752.

Charles Henry & Marta Wells, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, "Song Evolution, Evolutionary Convergence, and Tests of Adaptiveness of Mating Signal Systems in a Complex of Cryptic Species of Green Lacewings," $17,945.

Andrea Hubbard, Pharmaceutical Science, and Joseph Helble, Chemical Engineering, "Interactions in vitro between Cells from the Lung and Chemically Synthesized Inorganic Particles to Predict Pulmonary Inflammation in vivo," $18,368.

Ludo Max, Communication Sciences, "Measuring Movement-Related Cerebral Potentials in Physiological Investigations of Orofacial Speech and Nonspeech Movements: A Series of Pilot Studies," (new faculty), $18,560.

Lucy Stone McNeece, Modern & Classical Languages, "Writing Through the Looking Glass: Arab Authors of North Africa and the Near East," (sabbatical), $5,200.

Robert Michel, Chemistry, "Resonant Laser Ablation, Detected by Atomic Emission, for Trace Metal Determinations," $21,747.

Fred Ogden, Civil & Environmental Engineering, "Studies of Runoff Production Mechanisms in the Seasonal Tropics," (sabbatical), $5,000.

Diane Quinn, Psychology, "Ideology and the Stigma of Weight: Effects on Behavior and Eating," (new faculty), $18,208.

Jeffrey Schweitzer, Physics, "Nanoscale Investigation of Cement Hydration By Nuclear Resonant Reaction Analysis," $15,833.

Brett Steinberg, Psychology, "Functional MRI of Attention and Working Memory in Normal Aging and Alzheimer's Disease," (new faculty), $20,053.

Glenn Stanley, Music, "The Dramatic Religious Music of Josef Rheinberger in Socio-Cultural Context," $1,446.

Chong S. P. Sung, IMS/Chemistry, "Characterization of Interaction of Water in Epoxy by UV Reflection and Near IR Spectroscopy," $19,705.

Barrett Wells, Physics, "Commissioning a New Laser-Based Film Growth Facility for Complex Oxides," (new faculty), $21,555.

Peter Willett, Electrical & Computer Engineering, "Optimization Experience Applied to Digital Communications," $10,227.

David Yalof, Political Science, "The First Amendment and Religion in the Court of Public Opinion," $16,000.

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