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  February 20, 2001

Research Foundation Announces
Fall 2000 Large Grant Awards

The Fall 2000 Research Foundation Awards for Large Faculty Grants, Annual Equipment Grants, and Guest Professorship Grants have been announced by Interim Vice Provost Ian Hart and the Research Advisory Council.

The goal of these and other Research Foundation programs is to help faculty move into a better position to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

For the Large Faculty Grant competition, the Council received 43 proposals totaling $659,547 and made 31 awards totaling $402,153. For the Annual Equipment competition, the Council received eight proposals totaling $249,972 and made seven awards totaling $212,180. For the Guest Professorship competition, the Council received two proposals totaling $10,025 and was able to fund both proposals.

The proposals were peer reviewed by ad hoc reviewers and standing review panel members.

Faculty Large Grants

Andrei Alexandrescu, Molecular & Cell Biology, Modulation of Protein Function by Alternative Splicing and Cofactor Binding (new faculty), $22,000.

David Benson, Molecular & Cell Biology, Development of Genetic Transformation System for the Actinomycete Frankia, $19,457.

Timothy Byrne, Geology & Geophysics, Do Slate Belts Represent Seismogenic Zones? A Seismic Velocity Anisotropy Approach, $16,218.

Mark Brand, Plant Science, Transgenic Production of Disease Resistant Impatiens walleriana, $12,240.

Melissa Bray, Educational Psychology, Self-Modeling as an Intervention to Reduce Disruptive Classroom Behavior (new faculty), $2,719.

Zoe Cardon, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, and Thomas Morris, Plant Science, Effect of Tillage and Carbon Input Levels on Soil Organic Carbon Distribution, $7,881.

Vernon Cormier, Geology & Geophysics, Research on the Nature of Heterogeneity at the Core Mantle Boundary (sabbatical), $4,800.

Amy Donahue and Joanne Miller, Political Science, Help! Call 911: The Influence of Television on Public Opinion About and Demand for Emergency Services (new faculty), $22,000.

Valerie Duffy, Dietetics, Retronasal Olfaction in Aging: Contributions of Taste and Impact on Food Behaviors, $12,986.

Clare Eby, English, The Three Lives of Ellen Rolfe Veblen (sabbatical), $3,226.

Salvatore Frasca, Pathobiology, Determination of the Molecular Systematics of Pathogenic Paramoeba, with Emphasis on Molecular Characterization of the Paramoeba Species Associated with Epizootic Long Island Sound Lobster Mortality, $15,572.

Rae Beth Gordon, Modern & Classical Languages, Epilepsy, Blackness and Stardom in Popular Entertainment: France 1875-1907 (sabbatical), $5,500.

Jasminka Ilich-Ernst, Dietetics, Sodium Intake and Bone Mass in Post-Menopausal Women, $8,497.

Elizabeth Jockusch, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Population Differentiation and Gene Flow in Slender Salamanders (Plethodontidae: Batrachoseps) (new faculty), $22,000.

Jonna Kulikowich, Educational Psychology, Measuring Technology Integration in the Classroom: A Reliability and Validity Study, $16,436.

Carol Lammi-Keefe, Nutritional Sciences, and Evelyn Thoman, Psychology, Pregnancy with Diabetes: Infant Neurobehavior, $20,000.

Joseph LoTurco, Physiology & Neurobiology, The Physiology of Newly Generated Neurons in the Adult Brain (sabbatical), $13,542 research and $500 sabbatical.

Allison MacKay, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Transport of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants Across the Goundwater/Surface Water Interface (new faculty), $21,131.

Deborah Muirhead, Art & Art History, Text and Image: A Narrative of Identity (sabbatical), $4,041.

Kenneth Noll, Molecular & Cell Biology, Regulation of Gene Expression in Response to Growth Substrate in Thermotoga maritima, $13,797.

Nejat Olgac, Mechanical Engineering, Modeling and Dynamic Analysis of Micromanipulators Used in Transgenics and Biomedical Applications, $12,957.

Michael Ramsey-Musolf, Physics, Theoretical Studies in Electroweak Nuclear Physics (sabbatical), $9,577 research and $4,800 sabbatical.

Gary Robbins, Geology & Geophysics, Virtual Ground Water: An Internet-Based Learning Forum in Hydrogeology (sabbatical), $2,243.

Kerry Ann Rockquemore, Family Studies, Negotiating the Color Line: Exploring Geographic Differences in the Biracial Experience (new faculty), $2,719.

Nancy Rodriquez, Nutritional Sciences, Relationships Between Protein Intake and Protein Utilization in Endurance Runners, $10,000.

Frederick Roden, English, Uranism and Unisexuality: An Edition/Translation of the Work of Marc-André Raffalovich (new faculty), $2,719.

Christine Simon, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, The Nature of Species Boundaries: Using DNA-Based Genealogies to Study the Role of Sexual Signals in Preventing Gene Exchange, $11,324.

Marcel Utz, Institute of Materials Science, Parallelized Molecular Simulation of the Plastic Deformation of Glassy Polymers (new faculty), $21,347.

Robert Weiss, Chemical Engineering, Characterization of the Microstructure of Hydrophobically Associating Hydrogels, $20,783.

Yanyun Zhao, Nutritional Sciences, Using Edible Coatings as Carriers of Nutraceutical Ingredients (new faculty), $20,148.

Quing Zhu, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Assessing Tumor Oxygenation Changes Enhanced by Microbubbles Under the Exposure of Ultrasound, $16,473.

Equipment Grants

Sandra Bushmich et al., Pathobiology, Biology Automated System for Identification of Bacteria and Yeasts, $19,608.

Thomas Chen, Biotechnology Center/Molecular & Cell Biology, ABI Prism 3100 Genetic Analyzer with Gene Scan Analysis S/W Module Kit, $60,500.

Monty Escabi et al., Electrical & Computer Engineering, Bioacoustic Sound Isolation Room, $14,900.

Bernard Goffinet et al., Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, ABI 3100 Genetic Analysis System, Equipped for DNA Sequencing and Fragment Size Analysis, $55,500.

Challa Kumar et al., Chemistry, Attenuated Total Internal Reflection-Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer, $7,000.

J. Larry Renfro et al., Physiology & Neurobiology, Packard Liquid Scintillation Counter, $11,680.

Annelie Skoog et al., Marine Sciences, System for Determination of Organic Nitrogen in Marinie Samples: A Total Nitrogen Analyzer and an Autosampler for Inorganic Nutrients, $42,992.

Guest Professorship Grants

Gerald Dunne, Physics, Alex Kovner, Oxford University (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics), $6,350.

Evarist Giné, Mathematics, Vladimir Koltchinskii, University of New Mexico (Probability and Mathematical Statistics), $3,675.