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  December 4, 2000

Activities & Achievements

Entries Welcome

We invite faculty, staff and graduate students from all campuses to submit entries Activities and Achievements. Items must be typed in Advance style and email is strongly encouraged. Send to the Editor at

Articles & Chapters
J. Garry Clifford, Political Science, "Endings and Beginnings," Victory in Europe 1945: From World War to Cold War (University of Kansas Press, 2000), pp. 257-81.

Alejandro Corbacho, Political Science, doctoral student, and Frederick Turner, Political Science, emeritus, "New Roles for the State," International Social Science Journal, 163 (2000), pp. 109-20.

Yunping Dai, Animal Science, and Joseph Renzulli, Educational Psychology & Neag Center for Talent Development, "Disassociation and Integration of Talent Development and Personal Growth: Comments and Suggestions," Gifted Child Quarterly, 44.4 (2000), pp. 247-51.

Amy Kneedler Donahue, Political Science, Sally Selden and Patricia Ingraham, "Measuring Government Management Capacity: A Comparative Analysis of City Human Resources Management Systems," Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 10 (2000), pp. 381-412.

Carlos Elordi, Political Science, doctoral student, "Economic Values and Party Preference in Mexico, Argentina and the United States," International Social Science Journal, 52.1 (2000), pp. 15-30.

Joanne Miller, Political Science, and Jon Krosnick, "News Media Impact on the Ingredients of Presidential Evaluations: Politically Knowledgeable Citizens Are Guided by a Trusted Source," American Journal of Political Science, 44 (2000), pp. 301-15.

Steven Park, Business Administration, and, Joseph Renzulli, Educational Psychology & the National Research Center on the Gifted & Talented, "The Who and the Why," Gifted Child Quarterly, 44.4 (2000), pp. 261-271.

Jennifer Sterling-Folker, Political Science, "Competing Paradigms or Birds of a Feather? Constructivism and Neoliberal Institutionalism Compared," International Studies Quarterly, 44 (2000), pp. 97-120.

Richard Vengroff, Political Science, and James Allen and Marc O'Reilly, doctoral students, "The Election Everyone Won? Party System Change, Strategic Voting, and Regional Variation in the 1998 Quebec Election," American Review of Canadian Studies, 31 (2001).

Awards & Honors
A book by Brenda Murphy, English, Congressional Theatre: Dramatizing McCarthyism on Stage, Film and Television (Cambridge University Press, 1999), was one of four honored for outstanding research in theatre history and cognate theatre studies by the Hewitt Award Committee of the American Society for Theatre Research in 1999. Murphy was recognized at an awards luncheon on Nov. 11, during the society's annual meeting in New York.

Krishna Pattipati, Electrical & Computer Engineering, received the Andrew P. Sage Award for the Best Paper published in all three parts (A, B, & C ) of the IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics in 1999. The paper, titled "Test Sequencing Algorithms with the Unreliable Tests," appeared in IEEE Trans. on SMC: Part A -- Systems and Humans, July 1999, pp. 347-57. It was coauthored with Pattipati's former Ph.D. students, Vijay Raghavan and Mojdeh Shakeri. The award was presented at the IEEE International Conference on SMC held in Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 9-11.

Susan Anderson, Philosophy, On Dostoevsky, (Wadsworth Philosophers Series, 2001).

George Cole, Political Science, emeritus, and Christopher Smith, The American System of Criminal Justice, 9th edition (Brooks/Cole, 2000).

At the Academy of Management's annual meeting in Toronto, in August, Gary Powell presented "Exploring the Influence on Decision Makers' Race and Gender of Actual Promotions to Top Management," and "When Work and Family Collide: Choices and Conflict Between Competing Role Demands;" Michael Lubatkin served on a faculty panel for the 2000 Business Policy and Strategy Division Consortium for New Faculty and facilitated an interactive paper session, "Mergers, Acquisition, and Trust;" Steven Floyd presented "Building Strategy from the Middle," organized a symposium, "Making Strategy for New Time: Conceptual Challenges and Directions," and facilitated an interactive paper session on "Strategic Change, Learning and Context." All participants are from Management.

John Barry, University Communications, and Dolan Evanovich, Enrollment Management, presented "A Dynamic Partnership: University Communications and Enrollment Management," to the American Marketing Association meeting in Baltimore, Md., on Nov. 7.

Ellen Censky, Museum of Natural History, led "Natural History Museums in the 21st Century," a session of the annual meeting of the New England Museum Association in Portland, Me., on Oct. 27.

Jan Heckman, University Libraries, gave a poster presentation on the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, at an annual conference of the International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers, Victoria, B.C., in October.

Kent Newmyer, History & Law, presented "Opinion Writing and Judicial Review on the Marshall Court: The Not So Quiet Revolution," to the Supreme Court Historical Society at the annual lecture series at the Supreme Court in Washington on Nov. 8.

Mitchell Robinson, Music, presented "A Theory of Collaborative Music Education Between Higher Education and Urban Public Schools" at the annual meeting of the College Music Society held in Toronto and Ontario, Canada, in November.

Feenie Ziner, English, emeritus, presented, "A Writing Life," at the Derby Public Library on Nov. 14.

Professional Societies
Eleanor Herrmann, Nursing, emerita, was installed as president of the American Association for the History of Nursing at the association's annual conference held at Villanova University in September.

Mary Ann Lally, Human Resources, was elected co-president of Northeast Region I of Pi Lambda Theta, international honor society and professional association in education, for 2000-2002.

Other Activities
Marla Campbell, Pharmacy, was invited to Nova SouthEastern Pharmacy School as a visiting professor. She taught in the school's physical assessment program in September.