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  November 13, 2000

Activities & Achievements/Newsmakers

Newsmakers is a selection of UConn people and programs in the media. Most of these stories were placed by the communications staff at the main campus and at the Health Center.

Nick Bellantoni, Museum of Natural History, was interviewed about vampires: Oct. 29, the Learning Channel; Oct. 31, WTIC Radio. His work also was featured on WFSB-TV3 on Oct. 30 and on CPTV on Oct. 31. His work with the Pitkin burial vault excavation was featured in an article in The Hartford Courant on Oct. 4.

The Benton Museum was featured in an article about its collections and plans for renovation in Connecticut Magazine in September. The museum, its director Sal Scalora, and curator Erin Valentino were also featured in an article about its controversial exhibit, Genealogies, Miscegenations, Missed Generations, in the August/September issue of Art New England.

An opinion piece by Paul Schiff Berman, Law, about intellectual property and the Internet was published on Sept. 10, The Hartford Courant; Sept. 21, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel; Sept. 18, Montreal Gazette; Sept. 17, Tulsa World; Sept. 15, Cleveland Plain Dealer. He was quoted about intellectual property in the digital age in the New Orleans Times-Picayune on Oct 26. He was also quoted in a Nov. 2 article in The Hartford Courant about Napster.

Susan Porter Benson, History, was quoted in an article about shopping malls: Oct. 25, The Hartford Courant.

Marla Campbell, Pharmacy, was interviewed about her advice to patients taking dietary supplements: Oct. 10, The Hartford Courant.

An article about the Charters Archives ran in The Hartford Courant on Oct. 19; The New York Times, Oct. 15; and the October issues of American Visions and Connecticut Magazine. Ann Charters, English, appeared on a call-in radio show about the beat generation on Northeast Public Radio: Oct. 4.

The College of Agriculture was featured in the Sept. 3 Connecticut Section of the New York Times .

The announcement Sept. 18 of a $4 million donation to the School of Engineering from United Technologies Corp. was reported in The Hartford Courant, the Journal Inquirer (Manchester), the Connecticut Post, the Norwich Bulletin, the New Haven Register, the Waterbury Republican, the Willimantic Chronicle, and distributed by the Associated Press. CT-N, WFSB-TV3, WTNH-TV8, WVIT-TV30 and WTIC-TV61, also covered the announcement.

Françoise Dussart, Anthropology, talked about the plight of the Aborigines as brought to light during the Olympic Games, on National Public Radio on Sept. 26.

Michael Gerald, dean of Pharmacy, was interviewed about the shortage of pharmacists in the state in The Hartford Courant on Oct. 15. Stories also ran on the Associated Press wire, The New York Times, USA Today, CNBC, WABC TV, CBS Radio, WVIT-TV30 and WTIC-TV61.

Mary Guerrera, Family Medicine, was featured in a story about science and spirituality: Sept. 14, WTIC-TV61.

Jaci VanHeest, Kinesiology, was interviewed about the effect of the controversial bodysuits worn by swimmers during the Olympic competitions: Sept. 21, WVIT-TV30.

Homecoming and the dedication of the Lodewick Visitors Center were the focus of stories on WFSB-TV3, WTIC-TV61 and WVIT-TV30 on Oct. 28. WVIT-TV30 interviewed President Philip E. Austin and John Feudo, Alumni Association, live. Astronaut and alumnus Rick Mastracchio, who returned to UConn with the University flag he recently carried into space, was featured in the coverage.

Steve Jarvi, ACES Program, was interviewed in a segment about college students, academic counseling and tutoring: Sept. 13, WFSB-TV3.

Cynthia Jones, director of Career Services, was quoted in a story about the value of the Internet as a source for seeking employment: Oct. 23, The Hartford Courant.

A Health Center study for the National Cancer Institute by Elizabeth Laska, Clinic Research Center, and Jonathan Sporn, Hematology & Oncology, was discussed Sept. 11 on WVIT-TV30.

Wei Li, Geography & Asian American Studies, was quoted in an article about Korean Banks being among the top Small Business Administration lenders in Los Angeles: Sept. 13, Los Angeles Times.

Veronica Makowsky, English, was quoted in an article about the controversy surrounding Huckleberry Finn: Sept. 24, Stamford Advocate.

Steven Miller, Economics, wrote an op-ed about the "new economy" and possible economic concerns now facing America: Oct. 8, The Hartford Courant.

Nell Newton, Law, was profiled in the Connecticut Law Tribune on Oct. 9; she also was quoted in an article about Native-American mascots in the Waterbury Republican-American on Sept. 3.

Jeff Ogbar, History, was quoted in an article about Allen Inverson's rap music: Oct. 13, Hartford Courant. He was also quoted about the broad appeal of rap music on Sept. 24 in the Newport News and the Virginia Daily Press.

Jeremy Paul, Law, was quoted in an article in The Hartford Courant on Oct. 17 about technology law practices. He also published an opinion piece about Al Gore's new political slogan in the Providence Journal on Oct. 30.

Rick Pomp, Law, was quoted in an article about a ballot measure in the Portland Oregonian on Sept. 27.

Sally Reis, Education, was interviewed about how to help and support children who are underachievers: Family Life magazine, September.

Joseph Renzulli, The National Research Center for the Gifted and Talented, was interviewed about a nine-year-old attending college and the support needed to help the child succeed: Oct. 1, Chicago Tribune.

Kurt Strasser, Law, was quoted in an article about a judgement in Bristol Technologies' case against Microsoft: Sept. 2, The Hartford Courant.

David Yalof, Political Science, was quoted in the New York Times on Oct. 8, and The Hartford Courant on Oct. 28, regarding the presidential election and the potential for vacant seats on the U.S. Supreme Court.