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  September 4, 2000

Research Advisory Council
Names Grant Recipients

Research grants totaling $475,641 have been awarded to 53 faculty members in the spring 2000 academic development awards program, the Research Advisory Council has announced.

The goal of these awards is to help faculty move into a better position to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

Applications are peer reviewed by ad hoc reviewers and standing review panel members. The recipients were selected from a total of 71 applications.

Emmanouil Anagnostou, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Experimental Investigation of X-band Polarimetric-Radar Rainfall Estimation for Support of High-Resolution Hydrologic Predictions (New Faculty), $19,930.

Brian Aneskievich, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Initial Isolation and Characterization of Nuclear Receptor Coactivators (New Faculty), $17,053.

Nicholas Bellantoni, Anthropology/Museum of Natural History, Underwater Archaeological Survey of Historic Shipwrecks in Connecticut, $9,175.

Susan Porter Benson, History, Work Ethics: Women's Views of Paid Work in the USA, 1925-1935 (Sabbatical), $9,836.

Ron Blei, Mathematics, Combinatorial and Stochastic Measurements of Complexity (Sabbatical), $5,000.

Thomas Bontly, Philosophy, Adaptionist Approaches to Human Cognition: (How) Can Evolution Inform Theory Choice in Psychology? (New Faculty), $2,725.

James Chrobak, Psychology, Septal Regulation of Hippocampal Memory Function (New Faculty), $14,301.

Robin Coté, Physics, Quantum Computing with Rydberg Atoms (New Faculty), $22,908.

John Craig, Art & Art History, Photographic Explorations: Ancient and Contemporary Native Americans, Environments and Landscapes in Past and Present Cultural Perspectives (Sabbatical), $3,700.

Anne D'Alleva, Art & Art History, The Feminine Tahiti: Gender and Alterity in Enlightment Images of Tahiti (New Faculty), $5,000.

Arthur Engler, Nursing, Kangaroo Care in the NICU: Physiological and Psychological Effects on Parents (New Faculty), $2,725.

Howard Epstein, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Eccentricity Effects on the Capacity of Tension Members: Testing of Channels and Wide Flange Sections, $11,285.

Pouran Faghri, Allied Health, Improving Exercise Capabilities in Spinal Cord Injured Subjects, $12,210.

Maria Luz Fernandez, Nutritional Sciences, Dietary Soluble Fiber and Gender Modulate LDL Receptor Number and Synthesis and Catabolism of Hepatic Cholesterol, $6,635.

Salvatore Frasca, Pathobiology, Molecular Characterization of the Agent of Epitheliocystis in Farmed Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) Using Polymerase Chain Reaction, DNA Sequence Analysis and In Situ Hybridization (New Faculty), $12,744.

Hedley Freake, Nutritional Sciences, Zinc Effects on the Thyroid Hormone Signaling Pathway in the Nucleus, $5,500.

Daniel Gage, Molecular & Cell Biology, Molecular Mechanisms of Succinate Mediated Catabolite Repression in the Nodulating Bacterium Rhizobium meliloti, $10,410.

Moshe Gai, Physics, Studies of the Solar Neutrino Problem (Sabbatical), $5,000.

Antonio Garmendia, Herbert Van Kruiningen and Richard French, Pathobiology, Design and Comparison of a Rapid Fluorescent Antibody Test (RIF) and an RT-PCR for the Diagnosis of West Nile Virus Infection in Crows and Other Birds, $16,695.

Bernard Grela, Communication Sciences, The Influence of Argument Structure and Sentence Length on Morphosyntax in Children with Specific Language Impairment (New Faculty), $9,000.

Charles Hagen, Art & Art History, Photographs of Childhood and Italian Gardens and Ruins, $3,327.

Robin Harwood, Family Studies, Parenting Beliefs and Practices Among Middle-Class Puerto Rican and Anglo Mother-Infant Pairs, $1,635.

Faquir Jain and John Ayers, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Fotios Papadimitrakopoulos, Chemistry/IMS, Novel Site-Specific Processing of Nanopatterns (10-30nm) to Fabricate Ultrahigh Performance SiGe Quantum Well/Wire/Dot Devices, $18,609.

Sara Johnson, Modern & Classical Languages, The Political Significance of Apocalyptic Oracles in the Hellenistic Period, 323-30 BCE (New Faculty), $2,725.

David Knecht, Molecular & Cell Biology, Identification of Genes Required for Phagocytosis, $18,705.

Ana Legrand, Plant Science, Plant Morphological Complexity as a Mediating Factor in Tritrophic Level Interactions, $8,930.

Louise Lewis, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Diversity and Evolutionary Physiology of Desert-Dwelling Green Algae (New Faculty), $16,241.

Yi Li, Plant Science, Transgene Excision from Pollen and Seeds, $6,627.

Emily Lin, Economics, Child Care Costs, Labor Supply and Welfare Participation Among Female Heads of Households (New Faculty), $2,725.

Rigoberto Lopez, Agriculture & Resource Economics, Protection for Sale: An Application to the U.S. Food Industries, $4,337.

Richard McAvoy, Plant Science, Tobacco as a Model System for the Evaluation of Transgenic Resistance to Damage from Cold Storage, $15,197.

Mary McGrane, Nutritional Sciences, Co-Activators and Co-Repressors in Retinoid Regulation of PEPCK Gene Expression, $11,891.

Marilyn Nelson, English, Sabbatical Poems: "The Canterbury Slaves", $3,000.

Ann O'Connell, Educational Psychology, Investigating Adjustments for Selection Bias in Multilevel Designs: Implications for the Evaluation of Social Programs (New Faculty), $4,760.

Michael Orwicz, Art & Art History, Gauguin in Brittany: Representations of Regionalism, Nationalism and Modernism, $2,500.

Michael O'Neill, Molecular & Cell Biology, Identification and Characterization of Imprinted Genes Involved in Turner's Syndrome and Autism (New Faculty), $15,045.

Rachel O'Neill, Molecular & Cell Biology, Identification and Characterization of Chromosome Aberrations in a Mammalian Interspecific Hybrid (New Faculty), $15,360.

Fotios Papadimitrakopoulos, Chemistry/IMS, Living, Photonic Biostructures (Sabbatical), $4,701.

Crystal Park, Psychology, Predictors of Physical and Psychological Adjustment Trajectories Following First Heart Attack (New Faculty), $4,360.

Rafael Perez-Escamilla, Nutritional Sciences, Factors Associated with Exclusive Breastfeeding in Ghana, West Africa, $3,570.

Sam Pickering, English, Australia Fair (Sabbatical), $5,000.

Bandana Purkayastha, Sociology, Maintaining Meaningful Connections: Local and Transnational Ethnic Networks of Asian Indian Youth in the U.S. (New Faculty), $7,447.

J. Larry Renfro, Physiology & Neurobiology, Effect of Glycine on Flounder Renal Transport, $17,461.

Cristian Schulthess, Plant Science, A Freeze-Thaw Study to Manipulate the Nanopore Structure of Iron Oxides, $4,350.

Eric Schultz, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Energy Acquisition and Allocation Strategies of the Bluntnose Minnow, Pimephales notatus, $8,514.

Sandra Schreffler, Modern & Classical Languages, Gender Speech: A Study of Male and Female Discourse Organization in Puerto Rico (New Faculty), $2,725.

Thomas Seery, Chemistry/IMS, Dynamics of Polymer Brushes (Sabbatical), $5,000.

Yael Sharvit, Linguistics, Tense Harmony in Copular Sentences (New Faculty), $2,725.

Alexander Shvartsman & Alexander Russell, Computer Science & Engineering, Robust Algorithmic Building Blocks for Parallel Computing, $8,000.

Young-Woo Sohn, Psychology, Constituent Cognitive Processes of Flight Situation Awareness (New Faculty), $12,674.

Winthrop Smith, Physics, Ionizing Reactions from Intrabeam Collisions of Laser-Excited Atoms: Electron Spectral Diagnostics, $10,809.

Kumar Venkitanarayanan, Animal Science, Persistence of Volatile Fatty Acids-Induced Acid Tolerance of Esherichia coli O157:H7 in Bovine Feces and its Significance to Food Safety (New Faculty), $14, 969.

Quing Zhu, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Interface Electronics for a Novel Three-Dimensional Imaging System, $11,520.