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 April 10, 2000

New University Scholars Announced

Fourteen students were recently selected for the University Scholars Program, a program that enables talented and highly motivated students to pursue accelerated and nontraditional programs of study. Students are invited to apply during their fifth semesters. Graduation as a University Scholar is the highest scholastic honor at the University.

"The program is distinguished by the level of academic challenge," says Deborah McDonald, an associate professor of nursing and chair of the committee that reviews applications to the program.

"The projects the students choose must stimulate and challenge them to learn and question," she says. "They must also be socially relevant and practicable. We want the scholars to be successful."

Each year, up to 30 University Scholars are selected, based on the rigor and imagination of their proposed programs, and on the students' previous histories of academic success.

"These are the rising stars," says McDonald. "Once we have identified them as University Scholars, we get out of their way and let them fly."

Lauren Aleksunes, Pharmacy (Advisor: Jose Manautou) "The Advancement of Toxicology within Pharmacy Practice"

Erika Altneu, Philosophy and Molecular &Cell Biology (Advisor: Thomas Bontly) "Philosophy of Biology: A Marriage in Education."

Chris Ehrhardt, Molecular &Cell Biology (Advisor: Christine Simon) "Biogeography and Molecular Genetics: Unlocking Species Dynamics and Origins"

Cynthia Hughes, Molecular &Cell Biology (Advisor: Debra Kendall) "Membrane Assembly and Orientation of Leader Peptidase"

Atul Jain, Finance (Advisor: Richard Langlois) "The Economics of Scholarly Communications"

John Loffredo, Molecular &Cell Biology (Advisor: Philip I. Marcus) "Regulation of the Interferon-Inducing Capacity of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus with Rearranged Genes"

Jennifer Mack, Allied Health (Advisor: Martha Keagle) "The Use of Cytogenetics in the Preservation of Endangered Species," to be worked on at the San Diego Zoo, Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species.

Tiffanie May, English (Advisor: Robert Hasenfratz) "From Englisc to English: The English Language through Time"

Danielle McGrath, Communication Sciences (Advisor: Kathleen Cienkowski) "Rethinking Audiology: The Social Stigmas Attached to Hearing Impairment and What Can be Done to Change It"

Sarah Peters, Psychology (Advisor: Michelle Williams) "The Perplexities of Sexual Identity"

Joshua Sheehan, Physiology &Neurobiology (Advisor: Akiko Nishiyama) "An Investigation of the Effects of Dysmyelination at the Cellular and Humanistic Level"

Timothy M. Smyth, History (Advisor: Amii Omara-Otunnu) "American Foreign Policy in the Developing World: An In-Depth Study of South Africa in the Post-World War II Era"

Susan Solomon, German and English (Advisor: Barbara Wright) "The Representation of Women in the Literature of World War I"

Karen Stevens, Family Studies (Advisor: Irene Brown) "Moral Commitment in Late Childhood: A Survey of Violence Intervention and Prevention Programs"