Museum Room 1916

Above is a larger view of the natural history display in Old Main from 1916. Old Main, built in 1890, was the central campus building until 1929 when it was replaced by Beach Hall. Old Main, which had offices, classrooms, laboratories, the library, and apartments for students and faculty, was located in the area between Beach Hall and the Waring Building.

Below is a close up of specimens in the bottom of the display case, showing what is probably the dolphin skeleton that Benjamin Koons had found at Martha's Vineyard in 1876 - five years before he began at Storrs Agricultural School and 40 years before this photograph was taken.

Close up 1
Close up 2

Above is a close up of what has been identified as either a mountain lion or a puma -- and no longer part of the collection. When and why it was removed is unknown.

This photograph is part of the Manter Collection in the University Archives.

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