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Activities and Achievements
February 7, 2000

Entries Welcome

We invite faculty (including emeriti), staff and graduate students to submit entries for Activities and Achievements. Entries must be typed and e-mail submissions are strongly encouraged: Elizabeth Omara-Otunnu, editor,

Articles & Chapters
Peter Barth, Economics, with Spieler, Burton, Himmelstein, & Rudolph, "Recommendations to Guide Revision of the Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment," Journal of the American Medical Association, 283.4 (Jan 26), pp. 519-23.

Cheryl Beck, Nursing, "Stopping the Thief that Steals Motherhood," Lifelines, 3 (1999), pp. 41-4; "Facilitating the Work of a Meta-Analyst," Research in Nursing and Health, 22 (1999), pp. 523-30.

Vivian Carlson, graduate student, and Robin Harwood, Family Studies, "Understanding and Negotiating Cultural Differences Concerning Early Developmental Competence: The Six-Raisin Solution," Zero to Three, 20.3 (Dec. 1999/Jan. 2000), pp. 19-24.

Olga Church, Nursing, Review of Into the Daylight: A Wholistic Approach to Healing, in Substance Abuse, Journal of the Association for American Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse, 20.3 (1999), pp. 197-8; with Susan Storti, graduate student, "Creating Common Ground: Developing Interdisciplinary Teams for Substance Abuse Personnel," Journal of Substance Use, 4.2 (1999), pp. 104-8; with P. Tabloski, "Insomnia, Alcohol and Other Drug Use in Community Residing Elderly Persons," Journal of Substance Use, 4 (1999), pp. 147-54.

Donna Clemmens, Nursing, graduate student, with L. Mayberry, D. Affonso, & J. Shibuya, "Integrating Cultural Values, Beliefs and Customs into Pregnancy and Postpartum Care: Lessons Learned from a Hawaiian Public Health Nursing Project," Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing, 13.1 (1999), pp. 15-26.

Davita Silfen Glasberg, Marisa Corrado, Beth Merenstein, and Melanie Peele, graduate students, "Playing at Work: The Intersection of Race, Class, and Gender with Power Structures of Work and Production," Teaching Sociology, 28.1 (January 2000), pp. 56-66.

Stephen Joy, graduate student, and Deborah Fein, Psychology, "Information Multiple Choice Among Healthy Older Adults: Characteristics, Correlates, and Clinical Implications," in The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 13.1 (1999), pp. 48-53.

Stephen M. Miller, Economics, with Habib Ahmed, former graduate student, "Crowding-Out and Crowding-In Effects of the Components of Government Expenditure," Contemporary Economic Policy, 18.1 (January 2000), p. 124-33.

Awards & Honors
Sunita Cheruku, Nutritional Sciences, graduate student, has been named one of 12 finalists for the ASNS young investigator award and one of 5 finalists for the American Society for Nutritional Scientists young investigator award at the experimental biology meeting to be held in San Diego, Calif., April 15-18.

Susan Leigh Anderson, Philosophy, Stamford Campus, On Kierkegaard (Wadsworth Philosophers Series, 2000) and On Mill (Wadsworth Philosophers Series, 2000).

Lawrence Armstrong, Kinesiology & Human Performance Laboratory, Performing in Extreme Environments, 2000 (Champaign, Ill.: Human Kinetics, 2000).

Jeanne Driscoll, Nursing, graduate student, & D. Sichel, Mind, Mood, and Hormones (New York, New York: William Morrow Publishing, Inc.: 1999).

Susan Storti, Nursing, graduate student, & Olga Church, Nursing, Creating Common Ground: Developing I nterdisciplinary Teams for Substance Abuse Personnel (1999).

Peggy Chinn, Nursing, has served as editor of Advances in Nursing Science from 1978 when the journal was founded to the present.

James Allen and Marc O'Reilly, graduate students, and Richard Vengroff, all Political Science, presented a paper "The Election Everybody Won? The Impact of Party System Change, Voter Turnout and Strategic Voting in the 1998 Quebec Election," at the biennial meeting of the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States in Pittsburgh on Nov. 18.

Stephen Joy, Psychology, graduate student, presented the following posters in 1999: "Age Differences in Qualitative Block Design Scores," presented before the Eastern Psychological Association; "Decoding Digit Symbol: Speed, Memory, and Visual Scanning," presented before the American Psychological Association; "Information and Similarities Multiple Choice: Validating the WAIS-R-NI," presented before the New England Psychological Association, all co-authored by Deborah Fein, Psychology. Joy also presented "Innovation Motivation Predicts Divergent Production: A Pilot Study," before the New England Psychological Association; and "Facilitated Communication Training: A Semi-Quantitative Review," before the American Psychological Association.

Peter Kingstone, Political Science , presented "Resisting Hegemony: Dollarization and Financial Globalization after the Real Plan," at a conference on Official Dollarization in Latin America held by the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico in Mexico City in the fall.

Joel Kupperman, Philosophy, presented "Losing Place: The Risks of Cosmopolitanism," at the fourth East-West Philosophers' Conference in Honolulu, Jan. 9-15.

Howard Reiter, Political Science, presented a paper on "The Reconstruction of Republican Factionalism in the Middle of the Twentieth Century" and chaired a panel on "Reconsidering Aspects of the New Deal/Fair Deal System" at the annual meeting of the Social Science History Association in Fort Worth, Texas.

Other Activities
David Palmer, Management, was chair of the Outstanding Paper Committee at the Eastern Academy of Management meeting in Philadelphia, May 1999, and co-director of the academy's international meeting in Prague, June 1999.