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Research Council Announces Fall Awards
January 31, 2000

Vice Provost Robert Smith and the Research Advisory Council have announced the fall 1999 Academic Development Program Awards. The goal of these awards is to help faculty move into a better position to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

The proposals were peer reviewed by ad hoc reviewers and standing review panel members. For the Large Faculty Grant competition, the Council received 58 proposals and made 34 awards. For the Annual Equipment competition, the Council received 24 proposals and made 11 awards. For the Guest Professorship competition, the council funded all three proposals received.

The deadline for the next competition is Feb. 15.

Large Faculty Grant Awards

Life Science

Thomas Chen, Molecular & Cell Biology, Assessing the Effects of Aquatic (Connecticut River) Pollutants (Xenobiotics) on the Aquatic Vertebrate Endocrine System: Studies on the Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), $10,159.

Roberto Gaxiola, Plant Science, (New Faculty) Engineering Salt Tolerant Plants, $15,000.

Steven Geary, Pathobiology, Epitope Mapping of the Mycoplasma gallisepticum GapA Cytadhesin Molecule, $6,620.

J. Peter Gogarten, Molecular & Cell Biology, Use of Simulated Sequence Evolution to Ascertain Long Branch Attraction Artifacts, $10,183.

Julie Hagelin, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Quantitative Characteristics of the Olfactory System of Auklets, $6,379.

Robert Milvae, Animal Science, Endothelin and Cellular Mediators of Luteolysis in Heifers, $16,996.

David Rhodes, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Flexible DNA and Flexible Membranes - Surprising Interactions, $19,817.

Peter Turchin, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Modeling Spatial Dynamics in a Bark Beetle-Predator System, $9,675.

Susanne Beck von Bodman, Plant Science, Plant Pathogenic Bacterium Pantoea stewartii subsp. stewartii During Invasion and Infection in Maize, $7,727.

Xiangzhong Yang, Animal Science, Do Clones From Adult Somatic Cells Suffer Pre-Mature Aging? $19,206.

Steven Zinn, Animal Science, Expression of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Proteins in Beef Cattle from Birth to One Year, $14,696.

Physical Science

Wilson Chiu, Mechanical Engineering, (New Faculty) Improving Coating Quality and Deposition Rate in the Optical Fiber Manufacturing Process, $14,140.

Vernon Cormier, Geology & Geophysics, The Fabric of the Inner Core Determined from PKIKP Waveforms, $8,319.

Changfeng Gui, Mathematics, (New Faculty) Condensation Phenomenon in the Giere-Meinhardt System, $11,075.

Amy Howell, Chemistry, Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of Plakoside A, A Potent Immunosupressant, $8,700.

Mansour Keramat, Electrical & Systems Engineering, (New Faculty) VLSI Design and Test of Sigma-Delta A/D Converters for High Speed Applications, $22,486.

Philip Mannheim, Physics, Cosmic Acceleration (Sabbatical), $5,000.

Patrick Mather, Chemical Engineering, (New Faculty) Electrostatic Spinning of Polymeric Nanofibers for Composites, $20,666.

Alexander Russell, Computer Science & Engineering, (New Faculty) Efficient and Provably Secure Cryptography, $23,336.

Gregory Sotzing, Chemistry, (New Faculty) Synthesis of Hyper balanced Polyimides Containing Conjugated Segments for Advanced Applications, $21,445.

Social Science

Roger Chaffin, Psychology, Practicing Perfection: A Case Study of a Concert Pianist, $11,000.

Mary Crawford, Psychology, Group Identity and Collective Action, $9,445.

Jeremy Foltz, Agricultural & Resource Economics, (New Faculty) The Economic Returns to Agricultural Biotechnology Research: Evaluating University Research and Local Spillover Effects, $12,277.

Harvey Gilbert, Communication Sciences, Developmental Phonetic Typology of Australian and New Zealand English (Sabbatical), $3,200.

Jasminka Ilich-Ernst, Allied Health, Sodium Intake and Bone Mass in Post Menopausal Women, $8,497.

Blair Johnson and Kerry Marsh, Psychology, Implicit Sexual Attitudes and HIV Risk Behavior, $12,445.

Peter Kingstone, Political Science, (New Faculty) Executive Strategies for Economic Reform in "Ungovernable" Party Systems, $5,472.

Diane Lillo-Martin, Linguistics, The Acquisition of Language with Delayed Input, $16,000.

Richard Sosis, Anthropology, Trust and Cooperation within Religious and Secular Kibbutzim, $15,000.

Humanities and Fine Arts

Monica Bock, Art & Art History, Mouthings and Afterbirths: Artistic Production for Solo Exhibition of Multi-Media Installations and Collaborations Thematically Focused on Maternal Experience, $5,485.

Alain Frogley, Music, The Genesis of Vaughan Williams' Ninth Symphony (Publication Subsidy), $1,980.

Robin Greeley, Art & Art History, Organizing Pessimism: Surrealism, Politics and the Spanish Civil War, $4,839.

Dana Sue McDermott, Dramatic Arts, Professional Development of Dana McDermott's Script "Out of the Ruins" with Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York City, $5,300.

Annual Equipment Awards

Marie Cantino, Physiology & Neurobiology, Leica EM AFS Freeze Substitution System, $10,880.

Thomas Chen, Molecular & Cell Biology, Qiagen Bio-Robot 9600 Integrated Workstation for Automated Molecular Biology (Contingent Award), $30,000.

George Gibson, Physics, Raman Cell, Nonlinear Wave-Mixing Crystals, $10,131.

Bahram Javidi, Electrical & Systems Engineering, 4000X4000 High Definition Detector Array, $31,100.

Richard Jones, Physics, Computer Farm, $16,066.

Challa Kumar, Chemistry, Isothermal Titration Calorimeter, $29,000.

Juliet Lee, Molecular & Cell Biology, Cell Microinjection System, $12,275.

Yi Li, Plant Science, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, $19,538.

Patrick Mather, Chemical Engineering, Cambridge Optical Shearing System, $9,970.

Michael O'Neill, Molecular & Cell Biology, Automated DNA Sequencing and Analysis System, $22,355.

Linda Pescatello, Allied Health, Nitric Oxide Analyzer, $14,685.

Guest Professorship Awards

Bahram Javidi (Nominator) Electrical & Systems Engineering, Joseph Rosen, Ben Gurion University, $6,860.

Xue-Mei Li (Nominator) Statistics, Marc Arnaudon, University of Poitiers, $6,360.

Xue-Mei Li (Nominator) Statistics, Feng-Yu Wang, Beijing Normal University, $6,360.