Summer Session 1909

On the right in the front row in this group photo of the 1909 summer school isAlbert F. Blakeslee, who headed the summer sessions at ConnecticutAgricultural College from 1907 to 1914. He also started a course ingenetics at CAC, believed to be one of the first -- if not the first, organizedclass in genetics taught in the United States. The group was photographedoutside Storrs Hall, the first brick dormitory, built in 1905.

Summer Session 1908

Blakeslee, with the same broad-brimmed white hat in hand, sits at center of the frontrow in this photograph of the 1908 summer school attendees in front ofGrove Cottage on the then small Storrs campus.

Faculty and Staff in 1899

Taken in 1899, this photograph shows the faculty, staff and administration ofwhat had just become Connecticut Agricultural College (previously StorrsAgricultural College). Note that someone has left a man's hat and a pair of gloveson the porch of Grove Cottage, the women's dormitory in the 1890s, and unnoticedby the photographer.

The photograph is of additional interest because it includes four men whoeither were or would become president of the college. At the center in frontwas the then-newly named president, George Flint, who succeeded BenjaminF. Koons. Koons, president emeritus, is standing behind Flint at the center.

At the far left is Charles L. Beach, an instructor in agriculture, who joined thefaculty in 1896. He would leave in 1906 for a research position at the Universityof Vermont, but returned to Storrs in 1908 to begin a 20 year tenure as president.

Rufus Stimson, whose term as president was between Flint and Beach (1901 to 1908), is in the top row at the center. Under Stimson, the summer school programwas expanded in the years prior to World War I.

Benjamin Koons
George Flint
Rufus Stimson
Charles Beach