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Activities and Achievements
December 13, 1999

Entries Welcome

We invite faculty (including emeriti), staff and graduate students to submit entries for Activities & Achievements. Entries must be typed and e-mail submissions are strongly encouraged: Elizabeth Omara-Otunnu, editor,

Awards & Honors
Kevin Fahey, Campus Activities, was honored for his contributions to the field of campus activities and the New England Region at the National Association for Campus Activities New England Region, during the association's 30th anniversary celebration. The association's regional organization named its new graduate student award after Fahey.

James Henkel, Pharmacy and Graduate School, received the 1999 regional Extra Mile Award for outstanding service and leadership from the New England Board of Higher Education, in recognition of the critical role he has played in the New England Doctoral and Dissertation Scholars Program for underrepresented minorities.

James Kiwanuka-Tondo, Communication Sciences, Mel McCombie, Art & Art History, graduate student, Luis Martins, Management, David B. Miller, Psychology, Robert Walker, Communication Sciences, graduate student, received Outstanding Educator awards from the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity at a ceremony at the Nutmeg Grille December 8. They were nominated for their ability to make classes enjoyable.

Joseph Renzulli, Educational Psychology and Neag Center, received a Certificate of Recognition for Significant Advocacy and Contributions to the Field of Art Education from the New York State Art Teachers Association, on Oct. 22.

Jun Yang, Civil & Environmental Engineering, graduate student, received a bronze award for his entry, "Relaxation in High-Strength Bolted Connections Using Galvanized Steel," in the graduate division of the James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation's 1999 pre-professional awards program. The national program recognizes excellence in college-level engineering research.

Kim Dubois, Educational Psychology, graduate student, presented a paper on "Development of a Self-Efficacy Instrument for Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain and Its Use as a Predictor of Physical Therapy," at the 30th annual meeting of the Northeastern Educational Research Association, in Ellenville, N.Y., in October. At the same meeting, the following members of the Educational Psychology Department presented papers: Susan Dinnocenti, Tony Girasoli, Fred King, Anita Kite, Hayley Mayall, Dan Mercier, George Rezendes, John Toman, and Elena Znamenskaia, all graduate students, and Sadhana Puntambekar, "Interactive Web-Based Learning Environments for Teachers Learning at a Distance;" Fred King and Sadhana Puntambekar, "Partners With Technology: Communities of Learning in School Settings;" Betsy McCoach, graduate student, "A Preliminary Report on the Psychometric Properties of the Pilot Version of the School Attitude Assessment Survey (SAAS);" Hayley Mayall, "Development of the Children's Self-Efficacy Toward Reading Survey Paper;" George Rezendes, Jonna Kulikowich, and Fran Archambault, "Level 1 Technology Performance Assessment;" John Toman, and Mike Young, "Perception-Action and the Classroom Environment;" John Toman, and Mike Young, "Detecting Mindful Engagement with the JASON Project Through Online Navigational Patterns;" Elena Znamenskaia, and Mike Young, "Future Teacher Perceptions Regarding Educational Technology."

Steven Floyd, Management, served as a session chair at the 19th Annual Strategic Management Society Conference in Berlin in October.

Joan McGuire, Educational Psychology, and J.W. Madaus, Pappanikou Center, presented "LD Programing from A to Z," at the Eleventh Annual Postsecondary LD Training Institute, Burlington, Vt., in June.

Joseph Renzulli, Educational Psychology and Neag Center, gave an invited keynote presentation "A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships: The Schoolwide Enrichment Model," at the New Jersey Conference on Education of the Gifted in Princeton, N.J., on October 2; he also gave an invited keynote address "The Schoolwide Enrichment Model," at the New Brunswick Department of Education, in St. John's, New Brunswick on October 15; an invited keynote address "Rising Tide Lifts All Ships: Developing the Gifts and Talents of All Students," at the New York State Art Teachers Association in Huntington, N.Y., on October 22; an invited keynote address "Non-Negotiables in the Schoolwide Enrichment Model," at the Region 18 Education Service Center annual conference, Moving Toward Excellence, in Midland, Texas, on October 25; and "The Schoolwide Enrichment Model: Developing the Gifts and Talents of Middle School Students," at the National Middle School Association annual conference in Orlando, Fla., on October 28. Renzulli also gave a presentation with Sally Reis, Educational Psychology and Neag Center, "The Schoolwide Enrichment Model: A How-To Plan for Educational Excellence," at the New Brunswick Department of Education, in St. John's, New Brunswick, on October 14.

Samuel C. Wheeler III, Philosophy, gave the keynote address at a conference on "Wittgenstein and Metaphor" at the University of Heidelberg, on October 29.

Professional Societies
Barbara Dicks, Social Work, was elected as section council representative for social work in the American Public Health Association.

Kent Holsinger, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, was elected to the Council of the American Genetic Association, the leading society in the United States focusing on genetics.

Clinton Morse, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, was recently elected to serve on the special projects committee of the Association of Educational & Research Greenhouse Curators. One of the association's goals is to define a minimum standard for essential plants to be included in biology teaching collections and to develop guidelines for their culture and laboratory usage.

Usha Palaniswamy, Allied Health and Asian American Studies, is chair of the International Horticultural Consultants Working Group and chair-elect of the Tropical Horticultural Crops Working Group of the American Society for Horticultural Scientists.

Other Activities
Nafe Katter, Dramatic Arts, emeritus, played Ghost of Jacob Marley in the Hartford Stage Co.'s production of Dickens' A Christmas Carol.